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America, Being Played For a Fool
[Editor's Note: This message was taken from a discussion list hosted by the American Patriots Friends Network.
( ) and was in response to other messages being posted about the events of Sept.12. It probably wasn't intended to be a published essay, but it struck a chord with me, so I decided to break it up into bite size paragraphs and placed the epilogue quote at the beginning. Now it's a published essay. I hope you'll understand why after you've read it... Ken Adachi]
By Y. Kennt <>
Sept. 13,  2001

"The real menace of our republic is this invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy length over city, state and nation. Like the octopus of real life, it operates under cover of a  self created screen....At the head of this octopus are the Rockefeller Standard Oil interests and a small group of powerful banking houses generally referred to as international bankers. The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States  government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control  both political parties."   (New York City Mayor John F. Hylan, 1922 )

  America, you are being played for a fool, again, by a Government whose true goal, and only goal for that matter, is your complete enslavement. Stop playing the role, America,  it's unbecoming and annoying.

In fact, you all look like a bunch of blubbering idiots running here and there-which is  precisely what they want you to look like. The so-called terrorist attacks of 9/11/2001 against this grand country of ours were ALL carefully planned and orchestrated events - from the "Office of Policy and Initiatives" located in the  basement of the White house.

This group, consisting of such people as Jeb, Neil and George (Sr.) Bush, Bobby Inman,  Richard Secord, Charles Schumer, Bill Clinton, Richard Armitage and many others. Their sole intent and purpose is to plan and orchestrate such events as those witnessed today, creating chaos, confusion and fear. The ultimate outcome of which will be Legislation that will further strip America of it's civil and Constitutional rights. Obvious by now, I'm sure, is that 'security' will be increased dramatically at all U.S. airports, making air travel even that much more difficult.

The reason for this is simple - reduced air travel makes the task of controlling (travel), and therefore the locations of  Americans that much easier. If your location is known, you can more readily be identified and terminated should they choose to do so. Going to give them that choice? And finally, the dismantling of the 2nd Amendment. Going to give them that one too? For after all, NO armed society has ever been conquered.

Other examples of this carefully planned and orchestrated Psychological Warfare (or PsyOps) against the American people include the OKC bombing, every school shooting to this date, every Post Office and MacDonalds shooting, the conducting of Bio-Chemical warfare against Americans via the airborne spraying of EBD, JP8 and various other deadly chemicals by aircraft  from every branch of the Service as well as Delta and United airlines ('chemtrails', those contrails that linger for hours after a jet has passed, when they normally should dissipate within minutes and how the sky will turn various, very odd colors), and many, many other such incidents.

Ultimately what these Satanic Freemason's are hoping for is that the people of America will beg the Government to step in and end all this violence, this bloodshed, this chaos- which they will be more than willing to do, but at the expense of your freedoms, your rights, and your humanity.

Many of you will end up in FEMA concentration camps, I assure you. In the case of these most recent "terrorists" attacks (by the way, the only real "terrorists" in the United States are operatives of the CIA, FBI,  NSA, ATF, DOD, the KGB and MI6 and their trained goons), what we have is a trial run of events that will be orchestrated in order to usher in Martial Law and the final rise to power of the New World Order. I'd have to say that it was a fairly successful exercise, wouldn't you? After all, it shut down all air travel and millions of people where sent home from their jobs. Air travel was curtailed between certain States. The Canadian and Mexican borders where closed. The New York Stock Exchange, the financial capital of the world, was shut down (during a time of plummeting stock prices and rising financial stress) and most significant, the slaughter of innocent  Americans, by their own Government, all carefully couched under the term "Terrorism".

If one stops and thinks for a moment, one will quickly realize that this term "Terrorism" is now being used  not only in reference to some mysterious group or individual(s) who bombed the Trade center buildings, but to Militia group(s) and their members, to survivalists, gun owners, Christians - in other words to anyone, or any group that would dare think for itself and  have the courage to defend itself from the dictums and the tyranny of the 'State'. Just as in Germany from the years of 1932-1945, and just as in what is going on in America, and throughout the world today.

The horrific events of 9/11/2001 where very carefully planned  in the Office Of Policy & Initiative and orchestrated by (MKultra) mind-controlled slaves, or Manchurians operating under the control  of their CIA handlers, and under the influence of psycho-tropic drugs. The aircraft crashing into the trade centers were merely a diversion. Both buildings where imploded (their supporting infrastructure beams) having been blown inwards towards each other by massive charges, bombs actually, EXACTLY as in the case of Oklahoma City. If you recall the video that was shot the World Trade Towers collapsed in on themselves, thus the implosion, not an explosion.  An aircraft crashing into these buildings would not topple them. In  fact this can only be caused by planting massive charges, or bombs,  in the manner just described. This entire operation was staged      for the sole purpose of conducting Psychological Warfare on Americans, and preparing for the actual incidents that will be staged in order that Martial Law be implemented - and the final destruction of the American economy, and thus the economy of the world.

What better way to scrap what little remains of our Constitution than to orchestrate such hideous events, implement Martial Law and take complete control of the country? The economy will have been destroyed, people will be hopeless seeing nothing positive for the future, especially considering they will not be allowed to leave their homes except to go to work and back, leaving the solutions offered by "The New Government" as seemingly the only ones available.

I say to you my fellow Americans, do not fear. These so-called terrorists attacks where orchestrated by elements of (what used to be) the American Government, more specifically certain "Intelligence" agencies and their Manchurians, for the SOLE purpose of conducting  a 'trial run' of the events REQUIRED to institute the destruction of our economy and implementation of Martial Law. Period.

They have once again slaughtered untold numbers of Americans solely for their 'Agenda'. The enslavement of you and I. Have you not wondered at the seeming organization, the seeming logical flow of events of one of these horrible events? How they appear to have been orchestrated by an unseen hand? Well, they have.

America is under attack, all right, and has been since 1947, by the very Government that purports to govern and care for it's citizens. You need look no further than Washington D.C. and surrounding facilities for the "dastardly terrorists" that conducted the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

DO NOT believe the utter nonsense, the lies the evil filth that spews fourth from the lips of the Mainstream media - for they are nothing more than that, lies.....they will still be uttering the same filth, the same lies after Martial Law has been instituted and Red Chinese guards patrol your streets. Even now they speak of putting the United States Military on the Streets of America, to patrol, in order that these "terrorists" be caught and prosecuted. How can you do that when they are already dead? Yet one more provision being brought in line in preparation for Martial Law. Guess what happens when you step out into the street when this happens? Your family buries you, or begins visiting you in the closest FEMA concentration camp.

What remains to be seen is who the United States Government will hold up, for all the world to see, as the patsies. Will it be Iran, Iraq, the Red Chinese (fat chance, the Government is setting us up to be attacked by them at a latter date via Nuclear weapons), or some other vague, militant Arab terrorist group?

Frankly the spokesmen for the Government make me sick - knowing full well, most of them (know) the truth - and they stand in front of the world and lie. And especially when the supposed Christian, John Ashcroft, is spewing fourth the same lies, the same filth as everyone else. Sure took the focus off Gary Condit, now didn't it?

We, the people, can stop this. It is all up to us, now.  Perhaps living as a slave, as chattel of the New World Order appeals  to you, it does not to me. I will not live as a slave, ever. If we were to unite, this evil plan of very evil men can be stopped, but only if we unite. To not do so ensures our collective death, both as a country, culture and as a free people. The choice is yours. Lock and load  fellow Americans, Satan is here.

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