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Anthony C. Sutton
By Leslie R. Pastor <>
May 13, 2002

I guess by now you've wondered why I keep quoting and deferring to Dr. Antony C. Sutton, who has a very interesting website: , and why I rely on his "knowledge base".  The answer is as simple as it gets. INTEGRITY.

When I was a college student back in 1972, he (Sutton) answered some basic questions, that NO ONE
ELSE, WAS ABLE TO or HAD THE GUTS to explain.  I did not accept the 'drivel' that was being 'taught' and I openly challenged and irritated my professors, because I knew 'instinctively' that there was a problem with the purported facts as they were given to us.  The FACTS simply didn't fit, and the questions went UNANSWERED.

Thankfully, Dr. Antony C. Sutton himself was busily, openly, challenging the 'historical' paradigm.  His was a loftier goal, of setting the 'official' records straight, and to his eternal credit, had the guts, to proceed, and broke through the gates of THE gatekeepers.

When his efforts were interrupted by academia, Dr. Sutton proceeded to Regnery Press, apprising Henry Regnery of the 'nature of the problem,' Henry redirected Dr. Sutton to the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, where he delivered his first manuscript, Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917-1930. a significant masterstroke of data, [ Source: ], verifying that it was the West that 'created' the Soviet Union, and in his subsequent forthcoming Volumes II and III defined the true nature of the Russian  'control' paradigm.

Dr. Sutton caught the eye of the Assistant Director of Domestic Intelligence (FBI) [Alan Belmont], who had just recently retired and fortuitously happened to receive Dr. Sutton's manuscript, when it crossed his desk at the Hoover Institution. Belmont consulted soviet émigrés regarding Dr. Sutton's findings, and upon discovery of their veracity, immediately consulted Hoover at FBI, who initiated Operation SOLO, to the chagrin of the Kremlin.  This country owes this marvelous gentleman, Dr. Antony C. Sutton, a brief moment of 'praise' and 'thanks' for his profound 'insights' and 'significant' work for exposing the 'reality' and true 'nature' of the 'control' paradigm matrix.  Dr. Sutton continued his research, and furthered his publications, by writing National Suicide, Military Aid to the Soviet Union, whereupon, he was summarily ejected from the Hoover Institution, because now he was openly challenging the government of the United States.

Fearlessly, and unequivocally, he continued now completely on his own to solve the 'mystery' that skillfully evaded his grasp, knowing, that the answers would deepen and broaden the search for truth, in areas that brought him seemingly towards imponderable directions.  First he began to analyze Wall Street's role in building the Soviet Union, openly questioning the integrity of our leaders and government officials, by writing  [ Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution  ,Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, and Wall Street and FDR. ] Source:
and , which eventually, brought him to the attention of the 'secret' power structure, [ the Russell Trust Association ], by way of a clandestine loan of the secret list of names in this ultra secret society. [ ].

 Because of Dr. Sutton's skillful and scholarly approach in researching the puzzlebox paradigm of control, he was able to piece together the remaining threads in the fabric of this intricate matrix.  And so he wrote the book first in sections, as segments, and then collectively together in one bound volume, recently updated, and modernized as America's Secret Establishment [ ].

True to form, Dr Sutton continued the research into the mystery of the 'control' paradigm by examining 'hidden' aspects of the nature of 'technology,' and how 'technology' was deliberately subverted, and again placed within the 'control' matrix. His next volume[ The View From 4-Space ] was an eye opener, revealing segments of technical data deliberately suppressed, because it would justify a challenge to the existing established governmentally sanctioned scientific community.

It was through Dr. Sutton, that this writer was personally apprised of the new scientific 4th Dimensional technologies that loom soon within our reach, a reach I might add, that will someday propel all of us, some through our children, and grandchildren, into a very interesting future, a future that Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell, and Nikola Tesla tried to give us, a long time ago, but were prevented, by the 'control' paradigm matrix.

Leslie R. Pastor

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