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The Loss of Liberty &
The Rise of The Police State in America
"This Has All Happened Before"

By John Loeffler - Conservative News Radio
Jan. 20, 2002

 Suddenly, terrorists attack America, then, in a matter of hours, the perpetrators are identified.  Then, within a matter of days, we discover unknown terrorists in many and diverse places, including right here in our own country. Within days we learn that these secret terrorists hiding among us are possibly planning even bigger atrocities, perhaps using nuclear weapons. Then, just a few weeks into the scary conflagration, bioterrorists start sending anthrax through the U.S. Mail.

Neither U.S. Military intelligence, nor civilian law enforcement (County, State, City, Federal), were aware of the impending attacks. Within a few weeks, the U.S.  Federal Homeland Security agency is created, and the call for national police-state I.D.s for all Americans is introduced as protection from the terrorists.  Heads of State motor vehicle license and registration offices propose what they call an "enhanced" drivers' license as a national I.D.  The fingerprinting of all Americans is being proposed.

 The call goes out to the American people to be on the lookout for "suspicious looking people", and report them to the authorities.  The atmosphere in the country is now ripe for more totalitarian measures.  More talk is heard of using armed military personnel to man "checkpoints" around the country.  The object of the "checkpoints" is the American people.  Dissidents are accused of being terrorist sympathizers. All of the above developed in in less than three months, as though it were orchestrated on que.  Now we find out that the plan for the National Homeland Security Agency was in the making for years prior to the 911 atrocity.

For documentation on the plans for the National Homeland Security police, listen to the following John Loeffler interviews with Dr. Stanley Monteith, Dr. Dennis Cuddy, Karen Lee Bixman and Joel Skoulsen.

 911: Where are we? Part 1      12/22/2001

 911: Where are we? Part  2      12/29/2001

What we have seen so far is just the beginning.  For a good feeling for what we can expect in the near future, take another look at Mein Kampf.

 This has all happened before.

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