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Virulent Mystery Flu  Ripping Southern California

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          Some heretofore unknown "strain" of some kind of "flu' has struck Southern California at near-epidemic levels within the past 2 weeks.
          Interestingly, our information indicates Southern California has been getting severely dosed with contrails within this same period of time. Some scientific analyses as well as much circumstantial and anecdotal evidence shows some of these "contrails"--dispersed by military aircraft--contain various infectious biological agents. Could there be a connection between that and the widespread outbreak of some unusually virulent "FLU?"? We think the odds are high. ]
          LOS ANGELES (AP) _ A nasty strain of the flu is flooding Southern California hospitals with haggard patients, straining emergency rooms and forcing some medical centers to send the sick elsewhere.
          Hospitals from Los Angeles and San Diego inland reported scores of patients suffering from the flu, pneumonia and respiratory ailments Saturday.
          The crush of flu-suffering patients forced dozens of hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange counties to close their emergency rooms temporarily Friday and route patients elsewhere.
          "It's a big one," said Joan Keller, a nursing supervisor with San Bernardino County's Arrowhead Regional Medical Center in Colton, where the critical care units were full Saturday. "It's been heavy everywhere, from what I'm hearing."
          Nurses at Arrowhead and many other hospitals are working extra shifts to cover for colleagues who caught the bug and to care for the additional patients seeking treatment.
          "I don't think anybody really knows what's causing it. Maybe it's a new strain," said Silvia Mieure, nursing supervisor at Northridge Hospital Medical Center northwest of Los Angeles. <snip
          Admissions for flu and cold symptoms have bumped the daily patient count at the hospital by 30 to 40 since the first of December, she said. <snip

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