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'Flu-Like' Virus Sweeping Through Indianapolis
            By Julia Moffett 1 - 5 - 99
            INDIANAPOLIS - Doctors say a flu-like virus hit early
            and hard in central Indiana. Chances are someone in your
            family or at work is suffering from it.
            Local hospitals are seeing many patients with flu-like
            symptoms. In the last 48 hours they actually temporarily
            diverted ambulances to other hospitals.
            "Diversionary is a process we use when the hospital
            resources are essentially overwhelmed.î Doctor Frank
            Messina of the Indiana University School of Medicine
            says itís typical this time of year to see an increase of
            patients in emergency rooms."
            But with the influx happening so quickly the health
            department decided to issue a health advisory in hopes of
            at least slowing down the still unidentified virus.
            Joe Dilaura of Health and Hospital Corporation says, ìItís
            essentially a common sense warning. Be aware thereís a
            flu-like bug that seems to be sweeping through the
            Marion County health officials are now visiting hospitals
            and health clinics in the county, collecting culture samples
            and other symptomatic information to find out exactly
            what this virus is.
            Dr. Messina says there are many viruses ìthat can cause
            flu-like illness. Influenza A and B are only two of
            thousands that cause a similar type of illness.
            The very young and very old are particularly at risk of life
            threatening complications from this virus. But the rest of
            us should just grin and bare it.
            "Stay at home, drink plenty of liquids, Tylenol for aces
            and pains and fever and watch for warning signs," says
            Dr. Messina.
            Doctors say children, teens and those over 65 years of age
            should pay particularly close attention to symptoms. Flu
            like symptoms typically include high fever, muscle and
            body aches, headache and coughing and sore throat.
            And if they're more serious then those weíve listed, seek
            medical attention immediately.

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