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What to do if you get the Flu

(Jan 7, 1999)

Despite the widespread occurrence and apparent virulence of the latest "Flu" outbreak, some people avoid coming down with it. If you are exposed to the pathogen(s) and yet remain free of the infection, it means that you possess greater-than-average immunity.

If your state of immunity is high enough, it's almost like an impenetrable shield. Pathogens simply can't get through and take over. Natural immunity is a product of heredity, environment, personal habits, and state of mind (or spirit). It can be enhanced through consistent healthy dietary habits, appropriate physical exercise, adequate rest, meditation, breathing exercises, and the freedom from emotional stress generated by negative thoughts. While there are always the exceptions to the rule, for most of you, booze, beef, sugar, tobacco, and a French fries/ couch potato lifestyle will generally bring you down like boulders going over the White Cliffs of Dover (...that's in England for readers unfamiliar with popular tunes of World War II).

Supplements can help: Mega doses of  Vitamin C in the form of Sodium Ascorbate or Calcium Ascorbate  (one teaspoon every couple of hours) has shown itself to speed recovery and if taken early enough (especially with zinc lozenges), can sometimes abort a cold or flu entirely. The intravenous application of mega doses of Vitamin C has produced nearly miraculous results in many cases including colds and flu. The books of Linus Pauling discuss the value of Vitamin C supplementation at length and should be read by everyone prepared to take charge of their own health destiny.

Selenium, zinc, Vitamins A & E will help, and the herb Echinecea also seems to work for many people. There are other supplement possibilities, but the incredible amount of hype, misinformation, disinformation, and nonsense put out by supplement salesmen makes it annoying and difficult to separate the chaff from the wheat. You have to be prepared to spend a lot of time reading in order to intelligently educate yourself on the supplement front.

Chicken Soup
It works. I make it with chicken broth. I don't eat the meat.

Colloidal Silver (CS)
Colloidal silver, if taken in therapeutically effective amounts , will sometimes pull you right out of it and you won't even come down with the bug. For many people, colloidal silver will often lessen the severity and length of symptoms. How much to take when you first notice symptoms can make a BIG difference in how well it will work for you. Unfortunately, there is no absolute rule. Some people (usually new users) will get a big homeopathic response with just a small amount of CS, but most people will get a stronger response with a larger dosage.

How Much?
I used to think that a decent size dose of CS to knock out a cold or the flu meant 2 oz every hour, but after hearing the testimony of other CS investigators at a recent health conference, it seems that they have obtained extraordinary results by drinking 16-32 oz at one shot and repeat the same dosage 6 or 8 hours later. If you are making the CS yourself, you can afford to take such a large amount. If you're buying the CS, it can get expensive to consume such a large quantity, BUT it's possible that you could be one of those people for whom this protocol works. You'll never know until you try it. It certainly won't hurt you. CS is completely non toxic. I always urge people to  obtain their own generator.  If you possess your own generator, you won't have to worry about paying for CS since you can make all you want for next to nothing.

DC and AC Colloidal Silver
There are two forms of colloidal silver. The most common form available is made with a low voltage DC process and is simply labeled colloidal silver (or Silver Water). This DC form is the type produced by our Deluxe CS generator and the form sold in health food stores. Another form called AC Silver Water (or HVAC colloidal silver) is produced with a High Voltage Alternating Current  and is obtainable through Educate-Yourself , but is not available from health food stores. Our protocol for making AC Silver Water was worked out by Merlin D. Wolf  and we have subtitled it Merlin's Super Silver.

AC Silver Water
AC Silver Water appears clear even though the concentration is 100 ppm (parts per million). When Merlin sent his first experimental samples of AC Silver Water into a lab for an analysis, he got back a lab report that said there was only  0.45 ppm of silver in it, yet he knew he had eaten up a substantial amount of heavy gauge silver wire in making the solution. After talking it up with other researchers, the consensus seemed to be that Merlin produced a mono-atomic isomer of colloidal silver which was beyond the capabilities of the lab equipment to detect (By the way, mono-atomic forms of anything is a relatively new topic being kicked around these past few years by unconventional or 'alternative' scientists. Orthodox chemists or physicists wouldn't have a clue if you raised the topic with them- regidity, arrogance,  and closed-mindedness being well known characteristics of their ilk).

For some conditions, AC Silver Water might possess greater germicidal activity than DC colloidal silver -due to deeper tissue penetration- . However, don't leap to the conclusion that AC Silver Water is better than DC Silver Water;  it's just different.. It's like comparing aspirin to Tylenol; both have their place and their own special attributes.

Merlin's 8 Hour Protocol
Although he lives in an isolated area and didn't travel around much during this holiday season, Merlin Wolf  nevertheless caught this latest "Flu" bug. He is not a young man, yet he knocked out all symptoms that accompany this bug within a single day by applying his 8 hour protocol of AC Silver Water. Merlin had used this 8 hour regimen in the past as a detoxifying protocol and found that it worked well for many people.  Now, he gave it a shot to see what it would do against this new "flu" outbreak. The protocol is simple: Take between one half to two ounces of AC Silver Water every hour for 8 hours straight and see what happens. People who are already immune-compromised and sickly should take less, while people who are stronger and in normal health could take more. The reason is simple: sickly people have a lot of bugs in their system and if you kill them off too quickly, you will get a Herksheimer's reaction (fever, weakness, nausea, etc.) to the die-off while people in normal health have a much lower 'resident' population of bugs and can handle a larger dosage of AC Silver Water without difficulty (use your brains, think for yourself,  and apply common sense).

Other Possibilities
There are other avenues to look into which include both occult (which means 'hidden' and does not mean "diabolical or satanic") and 'subtle energy' protocols. Once you get the flu- and in order to recover as quickly as possible- you need to concentrate on increasing immunity and mitigating the INFLUENCE of the bugs that are making you sick. The word "Flu", by the way, is a shortening of the word "Influenza" which is the Italian word for "Influence".

So what's this "influence" that we're talking about?
Well, that's a good question. Many feel that the "influence" of influenza originates outside of the earth plane. A negative 'wind', if you will, from another corner of the universe. I don't really  know the answer to that supposition, except to say, that I've learned not to dismiss ANYTHING. There are many, MANY mysteries throughout the universe unknown to the mind of man. It's wisest to remain open minded and be prepared to accept the POSSIBILITY of realities beyond our normal range of perception.

Getting back to practical applications, consider the following:

1. Rest. Don't foolishly try and push yourself to keep up your normal schedule or routine once you're become ill. Recognize the need to rest and recuperate in order to recover your health.
2. Mitigate the negative influences of the bugs that are making you sick by countering them with vibrational "influences" from the opposite side of the frequency spectrum. Bear in mind that 'similars' are attractive and additive , while 'opposites' are repulsive and neutralizing. You can mitigate these negative influences in a number of ways:
  A) Color Therapy: (This works like Gang Busters!) A wonderful man by the name of Dinshah P. Ghadiali  (1873-1966) struggled for over 50 years to make the American public aware of a simple and cheap- yet highly effective- method to mitigate and resolve any health condition by simply applying colored light to the human body. The 'therapy' requires a source of light (any source of light- from a flashlight to a spot light) to shine through a colored filter and onto the appropriate area of the nude body. The colored light applied is intended to affect the human aura, which in turn affects the physical manifestations expressed by the body. For his efforts, Dinshah was mercilessly persecuted and prosecuted by the US government for quakery and fraud. He eventually won the court cases which the government trumped up against him, but the financial cost and emotional damage had its intended effect: Dinshah was harressed by the FDA into compliance:..."don't attempt to sell anything and we'll leave you alone" was the net effect of the government's harressment campaign. Once again, our wonerful government managed to crush an enlightened healer, whose only desire was to help and heal others, into oblivion and obscurity. It's an old story.

His son, Darius Dinshah, organized an instructional compendium of his father's work in a book entitled Let There Be Light. Everyone should read this book! The therapy is SO easy to do, yet it works so very, very well.

To be continued

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