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 The Current "Flu" Epidemic 
The current epidemic of a virulent "Flu" that is being reported worldwide is likely linked in some way to the constant Chemtrail sprayings by the secret government that has been going on in America and abroad for many months. You can protect yourself and reduce your chances of becoming seriously ill by increasing your immunity (see our article below: What to do if you get the "Flu") .  

1.4 Million Hit by Flu Wave in France (Jan 13, 2000)

The Flu Plague of 2006 (Jan 12, 2000)

Britain Now Has 'Crisis' Flu Epidemic (Jan 8, 2000)

UK flu victims overloading British hospitals (Jan 7, 2000)

What to do if you get the "Flu" (Jan 7, 2000)

Flu-like Virus Sweeping Indianapolis (Jan 5, 2000)

Strong "Flu" Outbreak in southern California (Dec 18, 1999

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