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By Ken Adachi,

Dear E-Y Subscribers:

1. Welcome new subscribers
    I continue to be surprised at the number of people who find our web site since it rarely shows up on the first pages of most search engines. The editor of an alternative news magazine out of Australia called "New Dawn" ( ) found us and decided to serialize some of my articles beginning with "Forbidden Cures". So now we are getting more visitors from Auzzie Land and New Zealand as well. Glad to hear from everyone. The Global Village certainly has its virtues, I'm just not that crazy about the people [and I use that term losely] who want to run it.

2. Colloidal Silver (CS)
    The long awaited crackdown by US Federal agencies (the FDA and FCC mostly) on the sale of colloidal silver in the United States is now underway. We had posted an article in August, 1999 outlining their plans ( ).

16 web sites that sell CS or CS generators have been targeted for shut down so far, but more will likely follow in the near future. The fact that this action is illegal, unconstitutional, and beyond the charter authority of these agencies is of little consequence. The government has long ago become corrupted and dominated by the influence of corporate/Illuminati forces who are engaged in the dismantling of our freedoms and are manipulating events to achieve an agenda of genocide and enslavement. (According to former NWO insider George Green, the Illuminati population reduction plan calls for the US to shrink to about 20 million, while world population is targeted at 500 million. The purpose of the Chemtrail spraying program is to soften up the immune system so it can't resist the lethal diseases that will be disseminated later. Like you, I wish this not to be true, but I firmly believe that it IS true and the only intelligent thing to do is to PREPARE and PREVAIL. )

CS, as well as other alternative healing therapies (E.g. blood electrification), presents an impediment to their genocide agenda. Read this article to examine the "reasons" offered up by our all-seeing government protectors for banning this marvelous healing gift of Nature
( ) .

In reading the article, you'll be flabbergasted to learn that the 47th element of the Periodic Chart (silver) is now considered by the FDA to be a "drug" and liable to their jurisdiction (kinda reminds you of the 'logic' seen in George Orwell's book Animal Farm ).

Everyone reading these words should obtain their own CS generator as soon as possible if you don't already have one. Why? You might not be ABLE to get one if you give Big Brother too much time (rope to hang you).

Also, if you haven't tried colloidal silver yet and haven't experienced the pleasant surprise of its efficacious healing/ restorative capacities, then this is your chance to try some at an all time bargain price. I'm announcing this sale until the end of November for E-Y Newsletter subscribers only. Details are posted below:

3. Colloidal Silver & CS Generator Sale
I will make our large bottle of 32oz Silver Water (colloidal silver) available for $32 plus $7 shipping and insurance to anywhere in the United States. That's comes out to $1 per ounce. Most health stores charge $7-10 per ounce for CS. Here in southern California,  a company called Michelle L'Donne charges $39.95 for 4 ozs of CS; that's $10 per ounce.

Hardly anyone obtains our very economical 32 oz size of Silver Water. Most people want to tip toe into CS use with the 1 or 2 oz sprayers or the 8 oz bottle. That's fine, but  I have dozens of these beautiful, wide mouth 32 oz. brown bottles that I had carefully sterilized and labeled, but they're not moving and they take up too much room. So here's your chance to stock up on colloidal silver at bargain basement prices: 32 ozs of golden yellow colloidal silver for only $32. plus $7 shipping/ins.

That's the equivalent of $320. worth of CS at health food store prices; a reduction  of 1,000 percent.  Think about it! .

Colloidal Silver Generators Sale:
Take $25 off either the DC Deluxe Generator (normally $110, but sale priced at $85)or the DC Deluxe Generator with AC adapter (normally $150, but sale priced at $125) until the end of November, 2000.

4. TDS Meters
We've obtained the ideal meter for measuring the relative concentration of colloidal silver in parts per million (ppm). Read my recent article to get the complete details on the advantages of having this meter ( ). The regular donation for this meter is only $70, but for anyone interested in obtaining two or more generators, at the above sale prices,  in a single order, he can obtain this fantastic TDS meter for only $50. This baby is beautiful, & very  convenient. Highly recommended if you can afford it.

5. Joe Cell Experimenters
A number of people had read my article on the free energy Orgone Accumulator known as the Joe Cell and ordered the book and related videos. For a long time now, I've been anxious to get a chat list going to discuss the difficulty or ease involved in getting this cell to work. I've already had quite a few people contact me about a chat list, so let's get it off the ground!

If you are involved in the Joe Cell project or have at least obtained the book, etc., then join the chat list and start reading and sharing your info. If interested, just send an E mail to me and write "Subscribe to Joe Chat list". I'll send the necessary info to you. For those of you completely unaware of what I'm talking about, the Joe Cell is a free energy device that utilizes water alone to obtain all the power you need to run your car or any other gasoline driven engine. See my article on the Joe Energy Cell to learn more ( ).

6. Herbal Blood Cleaners
The problem with trying to learn about herbs is that too much information is thrown at you at once. You hear or read about all these marvellous attributes of this herb and that herb, but you remember nothing after 10 days because all the info has now mushed into a huge blur in you memory. To avoid that, I'll simply talk about 2 herbs today (all info courtesy of the late Dr John Christopher) . Both are used as Blood Cleaners. They remove toxins from the blood. When that happens, the blood stream, or River of Life as Dr Christopher called it, will bring new energy and oxygen to invigorate the organs and tissue systems. Your health improves and problems go away. 

A) Red Clover
Buy it from a health food store as a tea. Let the tea bag soak for at least 15 minutes before drinking. Take 3 big cups of it during the day.One in the morning, one at noon and another one in the evening. Do that 6 days a week (take Sundays off) and do it for 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, switch to another herb or take no herbs at all for awhile. Give the body a rest after taking a specific herb for 6 weeks.

B) Burdock Root
Same deal, brew it up as a tea and take 3 times daily, 6 days a week,  for 6 weeks.

If you have any sort of skin condition such as acne, or boils, etc. just watch what happens after a month of taking either of these cleansing teas! You can greatly help the cleansing process along by avoiding all meats, fried foods, processed foods, and commercial drinks. Go to fresh vegatables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and water.

7. The Dissociative Identity Disorder / Mind Control Connection (Nov 7, 2000)
This article by Dr pamela Monday reveals the link between DID and mind control programming. Become informed about what's going on in this country.

I have some other surprises baking in the oven, but I'll wait until the articles are finished before tipping my hat. I think you'll find this new information most interesting. I'll send it out as soon as I'm finished.

We always appreciate feedback. Let me know what's on your mind.

Bye for now,

Ken Adachi <>

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