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Part 3: Economic Control
Steps Towards a Global Bank

By Ivan Fraser and Mark Beeston (

Economic Control

Moves towards the New Word Order have been aided by the development of the current banking and economic system. As I have said before, it does not take a leap in imagination to realise that, at present, those who own the money in the world, control the world. And this is exactly how the Brotherhood has achieved its extensive influence.

During the middle ages, when wealth was measured in riches, property and treasure – in gold especially – the Brotherhood, mainly in the guise of the Templars, managed to set themselves up as high level money lenders and repositories for wealth of the rich. Over time a system was devised whereby IOU tokens were supplied which represented the gold in store, instead of moving the cumbersome treasure itself. It was realised that vast sums could be made by the Brotherhood by lending out – in the form of paper representations of wealth – more than they actually had and charging interest on this wealth which did not exist. The returns were real wealth and gold as interest on worthless paper. Eventually, the world's gold reserves fell into the hands of the Brotherhood who initiated a now world recognised system of paper bartering which merely represented the wealth which lay in the vaults of these mega-wealthy few. Thus was created the system which rules the world today – known now as a respectable business it is the system called banking.

Since Babylonian times usury – the lending of wealth at interest – has been one of the main causes of war and empire building. Nations such as Persia and Rome became great due to their massive debts incurred by lending money from wealthy nations. Later, unable to return the wealth, but rich and with great armies funded by this borrowed wealth, they soon realised a need to conquer these lending nations in order to nullify their debts. This was also the reason for the introduction of taxes, a global system which is in use right up to today.

The charging of interest inflates the prices of goods as a large percentage of an item's cost is spent in servicing the debts of the suppliers/ manufacturers/distributors etc. The greater the debt, the higher the price. Banks use this high 'rate of inflation' to justify raising interest rates in order to discourage borrowing. This serves to create more debt on the existing loans and further reduce the amount of money in circulation. Economic depressions and booms are simply created by the banking institutions at will, by controlling the amount of money and credit in circulation.

Banks extend their influence to every aspect of life by manipulating the stock markets to gain controlling interests in multinational companies. For example, a company seeking expansion is refused a loan by a bank. The value of the shares fall, the bank buys them before changing its mind and granting the loan.

In order for a nation to prosper on a global economic basis it must borrow from private money lenders other people's money and money which does not exist in real terms, to pay for the implementation of its policies and then take real wealth back out of the nation's hands, plus interest, in order to pay back the debt. At the same time people are borrowing from the same banks to pay their taxes, their mortgages (other money lent at interest!) and to maintain the lifestyle they feel they deserve. This means that the banks can never lose. All wealth in circulation around the world, in effect, either belongs to them, is owed to them or will eventually be dragged into their vaults via the banking system. In 1993 the UK paid £24.5 billion in interest, more than twice that in the education budget!

And yet, there is nothing to stop governments from printing their own money and lending it interest free. Abraham Lincoln did so – just before he was murdered by John Wilkes Booth (allegedly a Rothschild agent) and J.F. Kennedy had proposed to revive government printed money just before he too was removed in the same way.

The Elite-controlled banking system is partly co-ordinated through the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland and handled in individual countries by the national central banks which are either private banks (e.g. US Federal Reserve) or privately controlled banks under a facade of nationalisation. In England, the national bank was established in 1694 by the new King William of Orange, manoeuvred into place by the Orange Order which is directly controlled by the Black Nobility. It was a private venture under the House of Rothschild which has maintained its influence since nationalisation.

The US Federal Reserve System was manipulated into place by the Elite bankers in 1910 through the efforts of Paul and Felix Warburg and Colonel House. The imposition of a Federal Income Tax required an amendment to the 16th constitution and therefore needed the agreement of 36 states. It was never actually ratified as only two states agreed but Congress was lied to and the bill was passed as 'law'.

In 1985 the fact that all US Federal Tax collection has been illegal was acknowledged when a court granted a total refund to a businessman on this basis. As a letter from the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service to his regional directors says:

     '… every tax paid into the Treasury since 1913, is due and refundable to every citizen and  business'. However, he advised that 'we will not publish or advertise this finding' and 'you  are to destroy this memorandum'.

Today we see the British government asset stripping in virtually every area of our society and promising great improvements in standards of living and health care whilst standards continue to fall and we wonder where all of the money is going to. The answer is simple, they are not selling the nation's assets to release money for the nation's good, they are taking it to pay the national debt.

And why, in a world so rich in resources, are there people dying in their millions in second and third world countries through war and starvation? Again, it is because these private companies, the banks, would rather keep these nations in debt to the tune of billions of pounds than allow them the chance of developing their own societies to a healthy level. At present these nations need to borrow money to produce goods to sell to other nations in order to raise the money to pay back the banks at interest whilst their people starve and die. Many researchers have come to the conclusion with which I agree, that this is a deliberate policy of the Illuminati; to destroy the poorer nations through famine, disease and manipulated war in order to take total control of their lands which are often rich in mineral wealth. The penalty for not being able to pay debts is the loss of property and land, whether through an inability to pay one's mortgage or an inability to pay one's national debt.

In reality, very few people are almost entirely responsible for the vast majority of negativity and suffering in the world. It is an ingenious system which has us all at its mercy. The great god 'Banking', together with its spin off deities of 'Economic Growth' and 'Gross Domestic Product', has seen to it that the majority of the world's nations are drowning in an ocean of debt whilst the minority elite are floating on staggering amounts of wealth. It makes little secret of its origins either: the symbol of the Illuminati for the Brotherhood, the 'All Seeing Eye' which sits inside a triangle/pyramid, is the symbol which adorns the U.S dollar bill.

Whilst the world is controlled by the economics of banks and whilst survival depends upon lending money at interest, there will always be rulers and the ruled and a need for war. This is because there will always be vastly more money in circulation than there is actual wealth to back it up; and when the borrowers run out of money to pay their lenders they have merely two choices: to become enslaved to their debtors or to conquer them. It is for this reason that the bankers must maintain their position of ownership over the military, law, oil, pharmaceuticals, media and education etc..

In order to maintain this position of absolute power, the world's borrowers must be kept in ignorance of the truth of the situation which is that they are little more than slaves to their lenders. True history, which is the story of billions of individuals, including their manipulation, must not be taught. Indeed, it most certainly is not. The history books are full of kings and queens, 'goodies' and 'badies', wars and conquered nations, when they should more accurately be described as the chronicles of greed and wealth. For the System to survive it must also suppress true science, true history and the full exploration of spirituality.

Steps towards a Global Bank

The World Bank
     This lends money to finance projects in the Third World to meet the needs of the multinationals. By financing projects which are totally irrelevant to the needs of the local people; the local economy is destroyed and rainforests are decimated. This conveniently adds to the environmental  'problem' (see later). Bill Clinton nominated the current president of the World Bank – James Wolfensohn from the Schroder Bank, Population Council, Bilderberg Steering Committee, CFR and business partner of  the Rothschilds.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)
     When poor countries get into Elite-engineered financial trouble, the IMF intervenes to offer more loans (thereby increasing the debt) on the condition that the Elite's policies are followed e.g. giving up land, which should be used to grow crops to feed the country's population, to produce luxury cash crops instead, which are exported at cut down prices to the multinationals.

Free Trade
     Agreements such as GATT, NAFTA and APEC are promoted as 'good' things, showing close co-operation between the peoples of the world. In fact, 'free' trade serves to make all countries reliant on global consumerism dominated by the multinationals. With no tariff on imported goods there is no financial protection for home production, so Third World countries become dependent on imported goods. Land and people in the developing world are therefore open to exploitation by global companies, and industries in the developed countries can be undermined at will.

European Monetary Union
     The most obvious stepping stone to a global bank and currency is the move by the European Union towards a centralised bank and single currency. Despite the apparent debate, this has already been decided upon with the UK's supposed opt-out clause in the Maastricht Treaty being over-ruled by another.

Also in the Maastricht Treaty are details of the control of the European currency and the reserves of each member state by six members of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank who,  through their eight years of guaranteed security of tenure, 'may not seek or take instructions from  Community institutions…or any other body'.

Control of Food
     One of the more unbelievable examples of corporate exploitation of particularly the Third World is the systematic destruction of natural agricultural seeds, replacing them with patented genetically engineered ones. According to UN estimates, 75% of genetic diversity in agricultural crops has been lost this century and in England, 1500 'unapproved' seed varieties have been withdrawn. The situation now is that, instead of using native seed varieties, Third World countries must pay royalties to the multinational companies for genetically engineered seeds, which have been distributed and chemically produced by the same corporations, and which are useless in a Third World environment. As a result the same people control the actual food that we can eat – 90% of  all food trade is in the hands of five multinationals: 50% are controlled by Unilever (who's chairman, Paul Rykens was at the heart of the formation of the Bilderberg Group) and Nestlé alone.

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