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Part 7 : Who We Are & Mind Manipulation

By Ivan Fraser and Mark Beeston (

WHO WE ARE:  Education | The Media | Choice | The Environmental Movement
MIND MANIPULATION - Project Monarch | Fluoride | A Microchipped Population

Who We Are

Until the last couple of hundred years a major tool in the 'programming' of the collective mind has been the belief in dogmatic religion. Religious philosophies generally present a picture of Creation with humankind, even though perhaps 'chosen' by God, to be very much subservient and worthless. People who consider themselves 'free' through the pursuit of their own dogmatic religion are amongst the most enslaved victims of the Illuminati's plan for total take over of mind, body and soul. Fear, guilt and a host of other negative emotions have been instilled into humanity in the name of religion – the Christian guilt due to the doctrine of 'original sin' and fear of the final judgement; Jewish feelings of divine punishment for failing Yahweh; Islamic aggression to convert the masses by the sword; the Hindu caste system in which 'untouchables' have no hope of salvation in this lifetime.

Western Catholicism, with its control over all education for centuries and its intolerance of alternatives (usually condemned as heresies with the proponents ex-communicated, exiled or barbarically tortured and killed) successfully kept the masses in cringing subservience to their vengeful, yet supposedly loving, God. The Catholic Church, in turn, has been controlled and bled dry of wealth by an especially sinister organisation which is a combination of elements of Freemasonry and the Mafia, known as P2. Religions are also answerable to the banks.

When scientific developments in the 18th and 19th centuries started disputing the orthodox theological interpretation of 'who we are', people's belief in the church started to wane and they threatened to start thinking for themselves. The Elite consequently hijacked this new science in order to switch the general belief from a judgmental God (which enabled control through fear etc.) to a denial of the existence of God and a belief that this life is all that there is (which enabled control through science and materialism). Darwin's theories on evolution was the first major coup on the mass mindset for the 'survival of the fittest/no God' belief system which has been prevalent in the last century. This theory, which did not originate with Charles Darwin, was essentially the work of the Lunar Society, a revolutionary organisation created to undermine God and overthrow monarchies, which Darwin's family was very involved in. By the end of his life Darwin himself did not believe the argument, but the theories had taken hold and have since been taught as scientific fact. Once more our ideas about who and what we are have been programmed into us – beliefs which serve the Elite and their goal of complete control.

Ideas which challenge the now orthodox belief in evolution or seek to publicise the eternal nature of the spirit are marginalised into groups which are subsequently labelled as 'cults' – a word which is instinctively interpreted as 'a dangerous group of slightly insane people'. The stigma has been deliberately attached to the word for this very reason by highly publicised cults and the behaviour attributed to them. For example, the Jonestown massacre in 1978, which research has shown was probably a CIA mind-control experiment, and the Waco 'mass suicide' by burning alive in 1993 when followers of David Koresh were attacked by the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) with tanks armed with flame throwers. Coincidentally, the BATF had contacted a local hospital before the raid to enquire about the availability of beds in the burns unit.

Cults which promote a world government and whose belief system incorporates the New World Order are supported by the Elite, e.g. the Moonies, the Church of Scientology and certain strands of the New Age movement. The 'opposite' side is also funded by the same people – the reactionary 'cult buster' groups, like the Cult Awareness Network set up by Dr West, a CIA asset which is heavily involved in Nazi-style mind control experiments.


Conventionally taught and accepted history and science have a fundamental influence on the way that we perceive the world. Therefore, the control of education and the way that these subjects are presented has been of paramount importance to the Elite. This has been one of the main occupations of the Round Table, and in America the task was given to the Rockefeller Foundation by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace to prevent American life from returning to its pre-World War I state.

The lessons taught in the schools of today are those of confusion (there is no meaning), hierarchical position (envy those above, despise those below), dependency ('success' is measured by the opinion of others and only 'experts' know the truth), obedience (do as others instruct in order to progress) and above all, conformity. A child is simply there to be filled with System-accepted 'facts', regimentally hurried from one lesson to the next to be bombarded with apparently unrelated information with any genuine enthusiasm or interest stifled in the boredom of classroom conformity. A child's intelligence is then measured by his or her meek receptivity to the systematic brainwashing and his or her ability to regurgitate these 'facts' in examinations, whilst the teacher's performance is evaluated by the speed and completeness of the indoctrination. The curriculum is very carefully controlled with standardised textbooks which teachers, whatever their personal feelings on the subject, have to teach in order to retain their jobs. Real questions about the nature of life, the reasons behind the contradictions in accepted historical bsurdities, the dreams of self-expression have no part in the strait jacket of System education. People are 'consumers' and cogs in the corporate machine, and those who can accept this role are what the education process call successful'. If conformity is the price of 'success', those who seek alternative views and reject the indoctrination are made to experience shame and a sense of failure. We are taught that the Elite system of corporate-led consumerism has been freely created and that it provides the only answer for a meaningful, worthwhile life. Childhood happiness, enthusiasm and excitement for life are suffocated as we are taught to operate within a system which denies the very essences of humanity – love and the ability to question and search for the truth of our current existence.

The Media

Information about and interpretation of current affairs is gained exclusively through the media –newspapers, t.v. and radio. Newspapers are presented as being independent or having a known political leaning and t.v. is supposedly unbiased and independent. This is simply not the case. Information about events come from 'official sources' who can present the view that the Elite want the public to accept. Alternatively, news stories are derived from central news agencies (e.g. Reuters) who give everybody the same story. Newcomers to a media company are expected to toe the conventional line or suddenly their prospects become bleak. Journalists who analyse and think independently are dangerous and are few and far between.

This is not to suggest that every single journalist from the boardroom down to the 'hack' is involved in some massive conspiracy and cover up. Once the framework has been set up (which it deliberately has been over the last few centuries) the system is self-regulatory simply through 'market forces'. Running a newspaper or television station is an expensive business which instantly limits those organisations which can operate one. Such businesses are obviously financially successful in the System, so have an interest in maintaining the status quo. Opinions and stories which challenge the establishment are therefore of no interest to these companies and are viewed as subversive. The media industry is also advertising-based with prices of newspapers kept below the manufacturing costs by advertising income. Multinationals will not support those newspapers/magazines which are viewed as 'anti-business' so such publications are marginalised out of existence simply by market forces. Advertiser-friendly media companies keep their readership in a suitable 'buying' frame of mind by not being controversial, not presenting 'difficult' articles or programmes. The threat of withdrawal of advertising is generally sufficient to ensure the media companies vigilantly filter the stories they present but if one slips through, business organisations often combine forces to pressurise editors into reviewing their content. This is done through letters, law-suits and even parliamentary bills. An example of these so-called 'flak machines' is Accuracy in Media (AIM) a collection of corporate giants, including eight oil companies, whose function is to
maintain a corporate-friendly media in the US.

A look at the board members of media companies is revealing about their alleged independence. In America a large number of the directors of NBC, CBS and ABC all have common involvement with Rothschild/Rockefeller/Morgan companies, as well as being members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission. In Britain, the Daily Telegraph is owned by the Hollinger group who advisors/directors include Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington, Z. Brzezinski and Lord Rothschild. The current chairman of N.M. Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, is on the board of the Daily Telegraph. A former board member, Andrew Knight (Bil), is now executive chairman of the 'rival' News International, which runs The Times and the Sun, and which is funded by the Oppenheimers and the Rothschilds. Regulatory bodies such as the Press Complaints Commission also have links with the same people e.g. the chairman Lord Wakeham who is a director of N.M. Rothschild.

Most people form their opinions on the basis of newspapers whose political stance mirrors their own. As all media organisations are owned by companies with the same interests and have their content dictated by the advertisers and obtain their stories from the same sources, all 'sides' of public opinion are easily manipulated. This is used to divert attention away from the true agenda:

Investigators getting near to the truth are branded as anti-Semitic so attention is focused away from their information onto their apparent racism. 'Expose' books, such as Peter Wright's Spycatcher are publicly opposed by those in government to give credence to their revelations. Their 'exposure' of what are generally innocent people are then believed more readily.

Sensitive information is released when overshadowed by another news story, e.g. identity cards  were announced by Michael Howard on the day of the Loyalist cease-fire in Northern Ireland. Libya has been blamed for the Lockerbie bombing (among other things) to undermine Colonel Gaddafi, when all the evidence points to the CIA and other intelligence agencies. The Libyan leader is, in fact, one of the 'evil tyrants' the media so love to create as a simplistic 'bad guy' at which the public can direct their animosity. He is not exactly a saint but, in the 1980s, Gaddafi was responsible for 14 deaths (mostly Libyans), as compared with the 50,000 corpses at the feet of the regime in El Salvador – an administration installed by the US with a US trained army. Assassinations are blamed on a lone person with no affiliation to any group. The murder of J.F. Kennedy, for example, was ascribed to Lee Harvey Oswald (who was subsequently murdered himself by a 'lone assassin') but investigations have shown that it could not have been Oswald but it is much more likely that the American President was removed by the intelligence agencies because he did not follow the Elite game plan and was threatening to expose it by 'smashing the CIA into a thousand pieces'.


Public opinion is sold the illusion of choice by maintaining groups in apparent opposition to each other. Again, the majority will believe that they are involved in a real battle for what they genuinely believe to be correct, when in reality the funding and support is derived from the same sources as their opposition. As long as New World Order policies are being promoted it makes no difference to the Elite whether a group is Jewish, anti-Jewish, Left wing, Right wing, Christian, Moslem etc.… it will be used while it serves their purpose.

Another vital tool is instilling a belief that the goals the Elite are striving towards are good and necessary things. This is often achieved by creating a 'problem', which the public react against and call for an official response. The 'solution' which is offered and which is accepted on a wave of public support is the very thing the Elite wanted in the first place. There are countless examples of these but I shall cite just three:

The 'problem' of violent crime has elicited a wave of public feeling in favour of increased police powers. 'New age' travellers were suddenly severely harassed by the police and received considerable media attention. When they reacted against their treatment an apparent 'problem' had been created which was met with the 'solution' of the Criminal Justice Bill. This restriction on personal freedom sailed through parliament and the media spotlight was focused away from the travellers to firstly give the impression of 'problem solved' and secondly, they had served their purpose.

The Oklahoma Bomb in April 1995 in which 168 men, women and children were killed was reported as being caused by a fertiliser bomb – despite the absence of any fertiliser at the scene – planted by a 'people's militia' group. In fact, the explosion was caused by a barometric bomb which has a security level on a par with nuclear weapon components. However public opinion had been mobilised against the 'problem' of the 'people's militia' movement and consequently accepted Clinton's 'solutions' of increased FBI powers to infiltrate and attack these groups, the military enforcement of domestic laws, and a media ban on so-called 'anti-government' extremists such as the People's Militia who are fully aware of the workings of America's secret government.

Environmental Movement

A good example of both these methods of manipulation – problem-generating in order to have a solution accepted and control of both sides of the 'debate – is the way that environmental issues have been used in order to justify centralisation of power. Our planet is in environmental crisis and the vast majority of the Green movement is working positively for the good of the Earth, but when environmentalists can aid the New World Order the Elite have no compunction about leaping on the proverbial band wagon.

The Elite's environmental stance is largely co-ordinated by the Club of Rome, launched by the Freemason Aurelio Peccei in 1968. Its purpose is to issue propaganda about the environmental crisis to justify centralisation of power, the suppression of industrial development in the Third World and eugenics. Under its influence the Global 2000 report was produced during Jimmy Carter's Trilateral administration which used untrue 'shock' data to paint a picture of overpopulation and food/resource shortages. The response document called for population control and the restriction of scientific development in the Third World. It is on the back of these documents that the genuine environmental movement is calling for a global solution to a global problem – a view the Elite wholeheartedly endorses. Highly involved in these documents were bankers and politicians who support the IMF and the World Bank which are causing the very devastation of the planet they profess to be concerned about. 'Debt for equity' schemes in which 'environmentally sensitive' land is given by the Third World as payment for debts (which in reality does not even reduce the debt) are the brainchild of David Rockefeller and Baron Rothschild. The same people were behind the Rio Summit in 1992 where the secretary-general was the millionaire oilman Maurice Strong, also a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation.

All these 'problems' to which centralisation and eugenics are the proffered 'solutions' are caused by the existing policies of the banks, multinational corporations, the World Bank, the IMF etc.. Create the problem, offer the solution…?

The environmental movement has also been used to prohibit the exploitation of nuclear power. (Personally I am not in favour of nuclear power, but I can still see how the issue has been manipulated to serve the Elite.). The oil and petrochemical industries form the backbone of the Elite's income and recruitment. The oil price shocks in the 1970s were manipulated by the 'Seven Sisters' oil cartel and the Bilderberg Group to massively inflate the price of oil. Conventionally, nuclear power forms the only credible alternative to fossil fuels so it had to de discredited. One of the Bilderbergers who agreed to the increase was Robert O. Anderson, owner of Atlantic Richfield Oil Co of the board of Kissinger Associates. He channelled huge sums of money into organisations to oppose nuclear fuel including a grant to establish a group which developed into Friends of the Earth. Research also suggests that the French arm of the House of Rothschild has been seeking to monopolise nuclear power technology and reprocessing technology in time for the predicted exhaustion of oil and gas supplies. The Rothschilds now control 80% of the world's uranium supplies.

The manipulation has also occurred on an international stage. In the 1980s Pakistan, under Ali Bhutto, proposed independent expansion of its nuclear power programme. Kissinger's threats weren't sufficient to stop Bhutto so a Kissinger-inspired coup removed him from power and the world passively looked on as he was hanged.

Mind Manipulation

Mind control experiments, so-called Nazi science, has been on-going for decades using esoteric knowledge about the human psyche. By ridiculing any spiritual interpretation of life and mobilising the forces of conventional science the Elite have convinced the public of the non-existence of psychic, 'higher' levels so it is easy to keep hidden technology which manipulates these levels.

Mass hypnosis is possible by the repetition of a basic theme until it is accepted as fact by the subconscious and then conscious mind. Such messages can be flashed during t.v. programmes or films and are not perceived by the eyes and conscious mind. Alternatively, the mesmerising and sedating effect of television puts the subconscious mind into an ideal state to receive messages sent to the psyche via carrier t.v./radio waves. It is understood by Elite science how, by broadcasting at certain frequencies, non-physical magnetic levels can be imbalanced to cause physical, emotional and mental illness. Technology also exists whereby thoughts can be induced by stimulating brainwaves.

The most sinister and far-reaching mind control programme is Project MK Ultra, run on behalf of the CIA. During Operation Paperclip, Nazi scientists were moved to the US and given prestigious positions at the leading colleges, universities and NASA after World War II to continue their experiments in which thousands of 'lesser human beings' – prisoners, mental patients, victims of paedophilia and incest etc. – have been forced to participate. Experiments have included removing a person's existing personality by electrotherapy and then compartmentalising and programming new ones by psychic driving. This makes the 'subject' obsessed with certain ideas and is undoubtedly used to 'programme' so-called lone assassins. The CIA openly admit to having used this form of subversive technology for use against America's political enemies but flatly denies that it would ever be used on home territory.

Project Monarch

An integral part of MK-Ultra is Project Monarch – perhaps the most damning episode in the history of mind control – whereby the minds of women and children are brutally taken over in order to provide paedophiles, politicians, criminals and practising Satanists with willing sex slaves who could also double as covert operatives by having their personalities and memories switched on and off at will. (See also Further Examples of Manipulation – Satanists)

The details of this horrific plan by the Elite to take over the planet through mass mind-control have come from the ex-CIA mind-controlled slave, Cathy O'Brien, and are described in harrowing detail in her book Trance Formation Of America. After a lifetime in the clutches of the MK-Ultra Project Monarch mind-control program she became what is known as a 'Presidential Model', a sex slave used specifically by the presidents for perverted abuse. Her abusers include the presidents Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George Bush as well as a host of other key US politicians. These fiends would routinely torture and rape her and later her daughter, Kelly, for personal gratification whilst using drugs and electric shock trauma to further compartmentalise her memory of such events in order to hide their actions. Because of her status and entirely programmable mind Cathy was used in many major political/criminal covert operations and was used to pass on Top Secret information in such affairs as the Iran-Contra deals.

Cathy's life began as the victim of multigenerational paedophilic incest. Her first memory in life is being choked by her father's penis in her throat. This initial trauma began to cause her mind to compartmentalise into separate personalities which could deal with traumatic situations – as a mental survival tool – whilst her 'normal' personality was left to deal with everyday events. Her mind dissociated from the memory of abuse whilst developing another personality which belonged to her father and was triggered on the sight of his arousal. This was the beginning of the creation within Cathy's psyche of a phenomenon known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

One side-effect of MPD is the creation of a photographic memory. Since her rescue and de-programming in 1988, Cathy has been able to recall in stunning detail every encounter with her adversaries and their sordid plans for world domination. These were freely revealed to Cathy by leading US politicians and criminals over a number of years whilst presuming that their high-tech programming could never be interfered with and it was therefore safe to do so. Another side-effect of the programming is the development of a visual acuity which is 44 times that of the average person.

Subsequent abuse came daily from her father and uncles who had also been victims of paedophile parents. Separate personalities were created for each situation, whilst Cathy was still little more than a toddler.

Her Uncle Bob, a regular paedophilic abuser, often boasted to her that he was a pilot in Air Force Intelligence and worked for the Vatican. It was Bob who first introduced Cathy to child pornographer and head of the local Michigan Mafia, Gerald Ford (of the Warren Commission who investigated the death of JFK, and later became President of the US after Nixon). Ford had begun recruiting 'Multigenerational incest abused children with MPD for its genetic mind-control studies', a Top Secret Defence Intelligence Agency project. By selling Cathy into this programme, her father gained immunity from prosecution having recently been caught selling pornography which involved Cathy and her pet boxer dog, Buster.

Her father was soon enrolled on a two week course at Harvard where he was taught his role in preparing Cathy for the project. He then returned home to enthusiastically announce that the family would be having more children. Cathy now has two sisters and four brothers; each victims of paedophilic abuse.

Preparation for The Project was based upon continual trauma, food and water deprivation, sensory deprivation and included constantly slave driving Cathy into exhaustion just like Cinderella. She was repeatedly prostituted to local Freemasons, police, a Catholic priest, Satanists and relatives in order that she further dissociated and enforced the realisation that there was no place to run and hide. She was also prostituted to Michigan State Senator, Guy VanderJagt (later US Congressman and chairman of the Republican National Congressional Committee which appointed George Bush as president) who gave her a Rosy Cross necklace and told her that he and her Uncle Bob had been to the Vatican where the secrets of other dimensions of existence were kept. On one occasion, both he and Ford brutally raped her in an horrific threesome backstage at a political parade; they then took the stage in front of the crowd which included all of Cathy's schoolmates to present her with a US flag which only moments previously they had inserted into her rectum.

Despite these daily horrors she excelled at her studies; due mainly to her photographic memory. No one had any idea that any of this was going on.

In 1968, VanderJagt introduced Cathy to the Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau who then abused her and used her for porn involving a French poodle which he had given her as a pet.

Once Cathy reached adolescence and began to develop breasts, VanderJagt found her less attractive and she was 'given' to US Senator and Ku Klux Klan affiliate, Robert C. Byrd who found pleasure in repeatedly torturing her in Sado-Masochistic sex and porn from which she still bears the scars all over her body.

By now Cathy was unable to tell reality from dreams and vice versa. This was reinforced through an advanced form of mind-control known as 'Satanic reversals' whereby every sensory input was controlled and words and sentences perverted to always have sinister double or triple meanings pertaining to abuse. She was further prepared for Project Monarch when she was taken out of school and relocated at Muskegon Catholic Central High School, with other Monarch 'Chosen Ones' as they were referred to.

The final event which literally drove Cathy out of her mind and destroyed her one remaining 'normal' personality happened in 1974 after a parade in Cedar Springs, Michigan when Ford brutally assaulted her and delivered electric shock treatment in order that she would forget the event. Now every compartment of her mind was associated with abuse.

The programme soon began to involve high-tech military bases for further traumatisation and programming. For this they used centres such as the MacDill Airforce Base at Tampa; Fort Campbell in Kentucky; Fort McKlellen at Anniston, Alabama; Redstone Arsenal and Marshall Space Flight Centre in Huntsville, Alabama; the NASA Kennedy Space Centre, Cape Canaveral in Florida and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre near Washington D.C..

Cathy was sold and 'married' to her owner, Byrd in a contract which made her father a millionaire overnight. Although 'owned' by Byrd, Cathy was given 'handlers' to keep an eye on and further traumatise her. One such person was Wayne Cox, a Satanist and serial killer his calling card is to remove one hand of his victims which he calls the 'Hands of Glory') who had gained immunity from prosecution through his involvement in Project Monarch. He was introduced to Cathy whilst playing for a country music band at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville, Tennessee. According to Cathy, no one makes it in this town unless they are slaves or CIA operatives. Names of leading slave handlers and CIA operatives include Kris Kristofferson (described by Cathy as a 'Vatican based Project Monarch slave runner'), Boxcar Willie (who has abused Cathy's daughter, Kelly, in three separate mental institutions) and Merle Haggard – whose song 'Freedom Train' is the code-word for this aspect of the mind-control plan. Project Monarch Slaves include the singer Barbara Mandrell and her sisters, who are also owned by Byrd, and Loretta Lynn who's handler is Neo-Nazi paedophile and CIA operative, Ken Riley.

Cox involved Cathy in drug running and cannibalistic Satanism with his mother. He also caused her to conceive six times in order to use the foetuses in these rituals and became the natural father of Cathy's only daughter, Kelly, who was born in 1980. During one drug run with Cox to Tinker Air Force Base in Ouachita National Forrest near Hot Springs, Arkansas, Cathy met, then Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton. She was then cued to reveal to him a secret message from Senator Bennett Johnson of Louisiana and then handed over a particularly fine batch of cocaine (Clinton's drug of choice) for his personal use.

In 1980, Cathy was programmed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky by Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino, a confessed neo-Nazi and founder of the Himmler-inspired Temple of Set (Satan), who holds Top Secret clearance in the DIA's Psychological Warfare Division (he was also once charge with ritual and sexual abuse of children at the Presidio Day Care Centre in San Francisco). He used atrocious trauma techniques using NASA technology on both Cathy and Kelly.

Perversely, Lucifarian religions are constitutionally protected in the USA and Britain!

One sex slave training camp is known as the 'Charm School' in Youngstown, Ohio and is operated by the 'Governor', Dick Thornburgh (Governor of Pennsylvania, US Attorney General and secretary for the UN). Here he worked with Congressman Jim Trafficant using high-tech programming techniques.

A further insight into the New World Order mentality comes from these passages from Trance Formation of America:

    '(Byrd) often threatened me that I was considered 'disposable' because after all, "The first Presidential Model, Marilyn Monroe, was killed right in front of the public eye and no one knew what happened".'


     '…he loved to hear himself talk and would often drone on and on in his famous long-winded recitations, while I was photographically recording every word he said. He detailed the inner operational structure of the world domination effort, including psychological warfare strategies, and explained how he had and would use his 'expert' knowledge of the Constitution to manipulate it and the so called US Justice System, and more.'

     …Byrd 'justified' mind-control atrocities as a means of thrusting mankind into accelerated evolution, according to the Neo-Nazi principles to which he adhered. He 'justified' manipulating mankind's religion to bring about the prophesied biblical 'world peace' through the 'only means available' – total mind-control in the New World Order. 'After all,' he proclaimed, 'even the Pope and the Mormon Prophet know this is the only way to peace and they co-operate fully with The Project.' (my highlights added)

     …He adhered to the belief that 95% of the (world's) people WANT to be led by the 5%,  and claimed that this can be proven because the 95% DO NOT WANT TO KNOW what really goes on in government.' Byrd believed that in order for this world to survive, mankind must take a 'giant step in evolution through creating a 'superior race', Byrd believed in the  Nazi and KKK principles of 'annihilation of underprivileged races and cultures' through genocide, to alter genetics and breed 'the more gifted – the blondes of this world'.

Cathy's first position as a 'Presidential Model' was to Ronald Reagan – known to slaves as 'The Wizard of OZ'. One of his favourite pastimes was perverted porn – especially bestiality. He would instruct his personal pornographer, Larry Flynt (owner of Hustler magazine) to make pictures to his own  specifications which became known as 'Uncle Ronnie's Bedtime Stories'. Reagan's personal attaché, Philip Habib's favourite pastime was to sodomise Cathy whilst electrocuting her to create the desired rectal spasm. Habib later introduced her to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia whose tastes were frighteningly similar.

Fahd was to fund the Contras via Panamanian Dictator and CIA operative, Manuel Noriega for Reagan and Cathy was used as the messenger in 'Operation Carrier Pidgeon'.

One of the most brutal of all of Cathy's abusers was Dick Cheney (White House Chief of Staff to Ford, member of the CFR and later Secretary of Defence to Reagan – despite having no military background). He would regularly organise an event known as 'A Most Dangerous Game'. This involved releasing Monarch slaves into the woods and then hunting them down with dogs and guns for sport as a means of further traumatising victims as well as for his own perversity.

One operation, organised by Cheney and Ford was 'Operation Shell Game'. This involved Cathy being used as a 'Carrier Pidgeon':

   'He (Ford) began talking as though I were a machine and he was dictating a message. 'Take this message to Dick Chaney, Pentagon. The Mob has agreed to transfer the $2.3  million (porn profits) to the Bank of Credit and Commerce International. Let's pool our  money now and we'll be swimming in it. This operation has been an enterprising success. Let's keep it that way. Cease agreement with Panama. All Mexican channels are  implemented (cocaine and heroin). Hail to the chief'.

As a replacement for Cox, Cathy was given a new handler; paedophile, ventriloquist and hypnotist, Alex Houston. (Cox now breeds goats for Satanic rituals and runs a trade in human body parts for Satanists.)  In 1982, Houston dealt cocaine to Bill Clinton whilst Cathy was taken to meet his wife, Hilary Clinton. At the sight of Cathy's vagina (which had previously been mutilated without anaesthetic to resemble a demon's head – the head of Baphomet which is worshipped by the Templars and their offshoots) Hilary Clinton became aroused and performed oral sex upon her.

In 1983, George Bush began sodomising and electrocuting Kelly, now merely three and a half years old. Her rectum usually bled for days after. Furthermore, constant threats were made by Bush on Kelly's life in order to keep Cathy in line. He also claimed to be an ET and could activate a holographic image within Cathy's mind in which he would change into a lizard-like alien creature.

Bohemian Grove in California is an exclusive club where all sexual and satanic perversions are catered for – including necrophilia. Attendees are referred to as 'Grovers'. Reagan's Secretary of Education and later Legal Counsel to Clinton, Bill Bennett and his brother Bob Bennett assaulted Kelly here in 1988. Bennett has intimate knowledge of Catholic/Jesuit mind-control techniques and is using them to implement 'Education 2000' which is ,'designed to increase children's learning capacity while destroying the ability to think for themselves'. Bennett, like Bush Sr., also claims to be an alien. Another plan known as World Vision is a Jesuit fund raising operation to implement world peace through mind-control.

The Order of the Rose – a Templar derivative – is very prominent among the New World Order brigade. Many slaves have a red rose tattooed on their left wrists. The Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney is also part of this clique, as is VandrJegt and Madelaine Albright who, according to Bush, '…rose in the UN through me to implement the New World Order'.

Among the Order of the Rose, George Bush is referred to as 'The Rose'.

In 1986, Cathy and Kelly were taken to Mount/Lake Shasta in California under the guise of a music festival run by Merle Haggard. This is the base for a multi-juristictional police force which will be used to enforce the New World Order with an arsenal of black helicopters and an army of mind-controlled military personnel. Here, Bush and Cheney played the 'Most Dangerous Game' with Cathy. As a punishment for being caught, Bush (under the influence of his favourite drug – heroin) sodomised Kelly and burnt Cathy's thighs with a red hot poker.

When Cathy was 29 she became aware that Presidential Models were not allowed to live much beyond the age of 30. Plans were formed and agreed with Reagan that she would meet her end in a Snuff Movie whereby she would be burned alive. At this point Senator Patrick Leahy (Vice Chairman on US Senate Intelligence Committee and close friend of Byrd) 'acquired' her for a time. At his own personal torture lab he abused Cathy which included slowly inserting a wire into her right eye whilst forcing Kelly to watch.

In February 1988, two months after Cathy's thirtieth birthday, both she and Kelly were abducted from Alex Houston by his business partner and former CIA operative Mark Phillips – acknowledged by the US mental health and law enforcement officials as an expert in 'the most secret technology known to man: Trauma-based mind control' which is 'The only form of human control that is absolute'. He managed to smuggle them out of the clutches of their captors to Alaska with the aid of 'insider' assistance in the 'intelligence community' and began an intensive de-programming which has culminated in the recovery of Cathy's sanity as well as the information outlined in Trance Formation Of America.

It was also discovered that Kelly had been 'programmed' by Wayne Cox to die by using a mind-control technique known as 'hypnosleep'. This manifested in chronic and increasingly severe asthma.

According to Phillips the present field of mental health is so backward that:

" In the present climate, referring mind-controlled victims to mental health professionals for treatment would be tantamount to subjecting a patient needing delicate surgery to a  surgeon who was blind-folded and hand-cuffed."

The subsequent lives of the threesome has been one filled with trauma, death threats and legal battles. Kelly is now effectively a political prisoner in a mental institution because of her suicidal tendencies and is not allowed to have contact with Phillips – one of the few people who could help her to regain her sanity. All requests for legal investigations into the claims made by them to the legal authorities have been prevented 'For reasons of National Security', despite the mass of verifiable evidence which they have been able to uncover This is due to the loopholes created by the National security Act, 1947 and the 1986 Reagan Amendment, which means that the government can censor and/or cover up anything in the interests of National Security.

The extraordinary bravery of Cathy, Kelly and Mark has seen to it that this abuse and its perpetrators will be held accountable for their actions. Through their mass publicity attempts in the face of death at every turn we now have a pretty clear picture of the mentality of the New World Order Elite operatives. It is now up to all of us to see that such sacrifice has not been in vain.

According to my sources in Britain. The British counterpart to Project Monarch is Project Ultra Green and was initiated by a Nazi scientist named Grunenberg.

One US security agency, the National Security Agency, which wields the power behind the CIA and is heavily involved in the Black Ops and Black Arts has a base in England at a place called Menwith Hill which is near Ilkley Moor in North Yorkshire. Here the Elite operate a covert surveillance operation of Britain which includes a mass phone tapping system (try dropping a few of the code names mentioned in this book into your conversations on the phone and you will hear the 'clicks' in the background as their recording machinery is activated by specific 'buzz words') and high-tech satellite surveillance operation which was developed under the cover of Reagan's 'Star Wars' Programme. Interestingly, George Lucas, the writer and director of the Star Wars movies is named by Cathy O'Brien as a NASA/NSA operative.


The apathy of the public towards their manipulation has also been influenced very deliberately by the addition of chemicals to food and water supplies. For example, this happened when sodium fluoride was introduced into our water supply and the majority of our tooth-pastes, supposedly to prevent dental caries in the under twelve-year-olds. What they did not tell the public was that sodium fluoride is a highly toxic by-product of the aluminium manufacturing process and the refining of phosphate rock (see Further Examples of Manipulation – The BSE Case) which was once used as rat poison and also pollutes the atmosphere and water environment due to overuse of the aerosol propellants Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). Fluorine is a major component of most of today's major sedative drugs and even new supposedly less addictive drugs such as Prozac (Fluoxetine) and its derivatives. (Prozac also contains benzene which is, according to the World Health Organisation, 'a known carcinogen with no known safe level'. Prozac is currently the world's most popular anti-depressant despite having documented side-effects such as: suicidal ideation, violent behaviour, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, anorexia and sexual dysfunction!)

The following statement is extracted from 'Address in Reply to the Government's Speech to Parliament', as recorded in Victorian Hansard of 12 August 1987, by Mr Harley Rivers Dickinson, Liberal Party Member of the Victorian Parliament for South Barwon. Hence the title.

'At the end of the Second World War, the United States Government sent Charles Eliot Perkins, a research worker in chemistry, biochemistry, physiology and pathology, to take charge of the vast Farben chemical plants in Germany. While there he was told by the German chemists of a scheme which had been worked out by them during the war and adopted by the German General Staff.  This was to control the population in any given area through mass medication of drinking water. In this scheme, sodium fluoride occupied a prominent place.

Repeated doses of infinitesimal amounts of fluoride will in time reduce an individual's power to resist domination by slowly poisoning and narcotising a certain area of the brain and will thus make him submissive to the will of those who wish to govern him. Both the Germans and the Russians added sodium fluoride to the drinking water of  prisoners of war to make them stupid and docile.'

After the war, I.G. Farben was dismantled but later emerged in the many guises of the companies with whom they had signed cartel agreements including Procter and Gamble, the company who domesticated the word fluoride with official encouragement in 1958 with the 'Crest' fluoridated toothpaste campaign. Moreover, an adviser to the US Government on hypnotism and psychological behaviour control, Dr. George Estabrooks, later became Chairman, Department of Psychology, Colgate University. Internationally, Colgate was and remains the most ardent producer and advocate for the fluoridation of toothpaste.

Fluoride is active in parts per million and acts as a potentiator for other drugs, i.e. it increases their effect. In 1954, Charles Elliot Perkins, scientist and author stated:

'The real purpose behind water fluoridation is to reduce the resistance of the masses to domination and control and loss of liberty' and, 'I can say this in all earnestness and sincerity as a scientist who has spent nearly twenty years research into the chemistry, bio-chemistry, physiology and pathology of fluorine: any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person, mentally or physically'.
Interestingly, the chemical industry now has a mass market for a once hard to dispose of toxic waste material and the Illuminati have a sedated and more easily controlled population.

A Microchipped Population

In the Elite's misguided judgement the ideal form of control will be via a microchipped population  connected to a global computer. Money will be obsolete and all financial transactions will be carried out via a microchip inserted under the skin used in much the same way as a credit or smart card – swipe your wrist over the sensor to pay for your goods. Convenient, easy… and enables the Elite to have complete knowledge about you and your transactions. With no cash alternative if your 'wrist' is refused for some reason you can be prevented from buying anything and effectively ostracised from society. Moves to implement this are already underway and public opinion is being softened up to accept it: in the 1970s Swedish hospital patients were implanted without their knowledge; pets, new-born babies in maternity wards and criminals are being electronically tagged; a need for identity cards is being expressed (to combat crime); supermarkets are experimenting with bar-coded cards to keep a tally of purchases without the need for check-out assistants; the 'pay at the pump' systems recently introduced in some petrol stations; and in 1994 the Intel Corporation was given a five year contract to research into an under the skin microchip for identity/financial transactions.

IBM have already developed an invisible bar coding system of three sets of six numbers which is painless and can be 'installed' on the skin by laser in a fraction of a second without the person being aware of its existence and is currently in use on cattle. Watch out for gradual insistence on personal computerisation and electrical devices which could potentially be used to control us all. Remember, they create problems and then offer solutions.

Dr. Carl W. Sanders is an electronics engineer, inventor, author and consultant with various government organisations as well as IBM and General Electric. He spent thirty two years developing microchip technology for use in medicine which resulted in the chip which he describes as 'the Mark of the Beast'. It is a tiny chip which is recharged by body temperature and whose prime location would, therefore, be in the forehead, just below the hairline, or alternatively on the back of the hand. This chip has been tested as a contraception device in India and as a behaviour modifier in Vietnam veterans, amongst other things. A specific identification chip was developed which contained details of a person's name, picture of their face, security number, finger print, physical description, family history, address, occupation, income tax information and criminal record.

Dr. Sanders admits to attending many 'One World' meetings with Henry Kissinger and people from the CIA where it was discussed, 'How can you control people if you cannot identify them?' and, 'How do you make people aware of the need for something like this chip?' The answer was simple, 'Let's make them aware of lost children etc.' The CIA then came up with the idea of putting pictures of lost children on milk cartons, a procedure which ceased when the microchip became accepted. Bills have been put before Congress in the USA that will allow the government to microchip children at birth, The president of the USA, under the 'Control of Imigration Act of 1986', Section 100, has the authority to deem whatever type of identification is necessary. All of these sinister ploys are merely waiting in the wings to happen, and they have been manipulated into existence with the same problem/solution tactics which have been used for centuries to control the world's population.

Indeed, this interesting passage from the book of Revelation in the Christian Bible does appear to prophesy something similar to the human bar/microchip coding system:

'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads:  And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number [is] Six hundred threescore [and]six.'     Revelation 13:16-18
As well as messages from the chip to the computer, messages can also be sent the other way – in much the same way as satellite t.v. receivers can be programmed remotely. As long ago as 1966, a CIA psychologist was talking about brain control through two-way communication between an implanted brain and a computer. Once a chip has been inserted there will be no end to the aspects of our lives which can be controlled – birth control, programmed actions to create more 'problems' demanding 'solutions', etc. A robot society will have been created.

The Brotherhood Part 8

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