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Part 8: Further Examples of Manipulation

By Ivan Fraser and Mark Beeston (

Watergate | Iran-Contra | The Drugs Trade | Satanism | The BSE Case

The abuse of power and exploitation for personal and corporate gain by the visible components of the Elite hierarchy is quite astonishing. In the following cases we have been duped into believing as truth the version of events portrayed by the mass media.


In 1972, a Republican surveillance team working for Nixon's re-election committee, subsequently named the 'Plumbers', broke into the Democrat headquarters at the Watergate Buildings in Washington. This was engineered by Kissinger and his protégé George Bush to remove the final pretence of 'democracy' and hand complete control of the US administration to the Elite. As Head of the State Department and the National Security Council, Kissinger effectively ran the Nixon presidency.

The 'Plumbers' were agents working for the White House Special Investigations Unit, created by Nixon (Kissinger) with money from the president of Bush-owned Pennzoil and other business associates of George Bush. At the time the Watergate story broke, Bush had been made chairman of the Republican National Committee yet claimed to have no knowledge of the situation.

After the break-in became public knowledge, Nixon was eventually forced to resign on the release of recordings in which he discussed ways to frustrate the Watergate investigations. The recordings were done by David Young, who worked for the Rockefellers and was appointed by Kissinger, and they were revealed by Butterworth, the White House liaison with the Kissinger-led secret service. In the same recordings, Nixon implicated certain 'Texans' which referred to Bush and his associates, but Nixon was forced out of office before the trial at which this would have been revealed.

Gerald Ford. a 33rd degree freemason and Rockefeller puppet, became president and pardoned Nixon so that the case never came to court. He appointed Nelson Rockefeller to be his vice-president and put him in charge of the Watergate investigations, which, unsurprisingly, discovered nothing of consequence.


In 1975, George Bush, who had been a CIA asset since the 1950s, became director of the CIA which, by a series of measures implemented by President Ford (Rockefeller), had increasing power over the US Intelligence services. As his associate deputy director for covert operations Bush named Theodore Shackley who, with Oliver North, had masterminded Operation Phoenix in Vietnam and ran an assassination and drugs operation throughout the 1970s with Donald Gregg and Felix Rodriquez. During the 1979-80 election campaign Shackley became Bush's speech writer (?!) and when Bush became vice-president under Reagan, Gregg, assisted by Rodriquez, was appointed as his main advisor on national security. Oliver North also became an official on the National Security Council. Working out of Bush's office this group co-ordinated the arms-for-drugs racket that has become known as Iran-Contra.

The Sandinista regime in Nicaragua sought to pursue the interests of its own economy and people rather than US corporate interests so the rebel Contras were backed by the CIA. They were supplied with arms in exchange for drugs which were flown on CIA chartered planes into Homestead Airforce Base using a CIA code signal. One trafficker flew weapons to the Contras in return for CIA help in flying cocaine into the US via an airstrip of one of North's CIA associates. Oliver North also co-ordinated the arms-for-hostages deals with Iran. The money was laundered through the Elite's banking headquarters in Switzerland.

One reason for the deals with Iran was to pay back the Khomeini regime for it delaying the release of 51 US hostages to prevent Carter taking the credit. Once he had been replaced by Reagan/Bush the hostages were released as arranged at a meeting in Paris between Iranian officials and Bush, Gregg and John Tower. When the scandal became public Tower led the investigations into the affair which did not prosecute Bush or Reagan and those that were identified as being involved were pardoned by Bush before public trials. Tower was to die in a plane crash just when he was beginning to talk openly about the affair.

The Drugs Trade

The trade in hard drugs is very important to the Elite for a number of reasons: it provides a source of income to finance other covert operations; it creates a 'problem' for which the public demands a 'solution' of increased police powers and the erosion of personal freedom in an effort to stop the supply; and, by addicting large numbers of particularly the younger generation to hard drugs, self-respect and the ability to think independently are diminished.

The background to many engineered conflicts is illuminated by analysis of the drug implications. In Vietnam a Pepsi Cola bottling plant was a drug distribution point with CIA helicopters supplying it with drugs from the fields. Drugs were also smuggled back to the US in the body cavities of carefully labelled corpses.

In 1986, Bo Gritz, America's most decorated war hero was sent by the US government into Burma's infamous 'Golden Triangle' to report on missing US prisoners of war. He discovered a man named Khun Sa who is deemed to be the overlord of heroin in the world, sending an ever-increasing excess of 1000 tons of heroin into the 'free' world per year. He also discovered that the whole rescue mission of the prisoners was being prevented by the CIA because these soldiers knew too many details of the operation between Khun Sa and the CIA to traffic these drugs. Later, he was told by Jerry King, head of Intelligence Support Activity (ISA) in the CIA that

     '…we've been ordered to put operation Grand Eagle (the rescue mission) on the shelf as if      it never existed. There are still too many beurocrats that don't want to see American      prisoners of war come back alive.'

The conflict between the US and Panama was a result of Bush turning against Noriega who was a CIA asset while Bush was director and who had been paid to run drugs. However, having seized power in 1984, despite losing the democratic election and yet still being officially recognised by President Reagan, Noriega incurred US wrath by refusing to bow to their pressure for his country to invade Nicaragua. The US suddenly turned against the Panama administration under the pretext of drugs, corruption and a lack of democracy. In 1988, Noriega was indicted on drug charges all bar one of which pre-dated 1984, to a time when he was still on the CIA payroll. In order to arrest one man the US invaded Panama in 1989, killing 3000 civilians. Allegedly the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) paid him $4.7 million to keep quiet about CIA involvement and at his trial no CIA documents were allowed to be examined. A new government was installed by the US, headed by a president and vice-president involved with banks known for drug money laundering and under this new administration drug trafficking from Panama has increased.

Nixon and Reagan and George Bush (despite the latter two being regular heroin users), have led public campaigns against drugs which unsurprisingly have achieved little. In association with the major drug cartels, the CIA has arranged small 'busts' to lend credibility to the campaigns but these are usually to remove insignificant players or larger ones who have outlived their usefulness. In 1981, during the Reagan/Bush administration, the CIA convened a meeting of Columbian dealers to form the Medellin Cartel – an infamous group of 200 dealers. There is also evidence to suggest that the Zapata Oil Corporation is a CIA front and that Zapata Offshore is involved in drug smuggling. Both of these companies were set up and are headed by Bush.

George Bush was succeeded in the White House by Bill Clinton, a Rhodes Scholar, whose drug credentials are on a par with his predecessor. Whilst Governor of Arkansas he created the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) which was to finance drug trafficking. All loan applications were handled by the Rose Law Firm, run by Hilary Clinton, and those which were granted were to Clinton's business associates for use in trafficking. For example, one loan was given to Web Hubbel of Park-O-Meter which manufactured retrofit nose cones for drug shipping. The loans were not paid back, but large donations were given to Clinton's election fund. Web Hubbel became acting US attorney general under Clinton, and some think he still fulfils that role behind Janet Reno.

During the Reagan/Bush anti-drug campaign, whilst Clinton governed Arkansas, the United State's biggest drug trafficking operation was set up in Mena Arkansas by a DEA pilot.

Many people speaking out or investigating Bill Clinton have died in mysterious circumstances, for which the official cause of death is given as 'suicide'. Conveniently, in a law introduced into Arkansas by Clinton just prior to the first suspicious deaths no autopsy needs to be performed in cases of deaths attributed to suicide.


One of the most sinister elements to the manipulation of society is the abuse of esoteric knowledge by the world's secret societies both for the purposes of political control and for sick personal pleasure.

In the US each year 400,000 children are reported missing, and in the UK this number is 98,000. Not all are recovered.

All over the world children are hijacked into a life of sexual abuse, psychological and physical torture. They are bought and sold by members of paedophile rings, often by their own parents, who act as 'recruiters' and 'handlers' in the lower echelons of the secret society network. They are systematically abused, tortured and murdered in ritualistic ceremonies by people who occupy places throughout the social hierarchy all the way to the top. Eye witness accounts, such as those given by a friend of mine named Patti who was 'recruited' as a child of three, have implicated members of the aristocracy, doctors, lawyers, members of the clergy, high level businessmen, media stars, members of the world's governments (see Who We Are – Mind Manipulation/Project Monarch).

Sophisticated mind control techniques are used to compartmentalise the memories of the abused to prevent them from revealing the awful truth to the public. Patti has displayed many separate personalities whilst recounting her horrific experiences, displaying the classic symptoms of Multiple Personality Disorder. Often victims are too scared to even mention such things to each other, never mind to strangers. They are brought up in the certain knowledge that they can be easily picked up off the streets or from their beds and drugged for use in abuse at any time. They are fully aware also that their abusers are everywhere, including in the medical professions and police. Victims are ceremonially 'married' to the leaders of the cult and are given their own 'dark companion', a sinister thought-form who will be ever present in order to inform on them if they should ever step out of line. They are often forced to take part in the abuse, murder and disposal of other victims in order to ensure a total attack upon the psyche of the individual concerned and the victim is soon convinced that they have become at least as guilty of these crimes as their assailants. Therefore, they are ever paranoid and terrified of revealing the truth to anyone other that those who have themselves been victims.

Methods of abuse are truly horrendous and include: live burials with the uncertainty of being retrieved, physical mutilation, sexual abuse, the enforced killing of family members and animals which have previously been given as pets, the enforced pregnancy for the purpose of subsequent removal of the child for sacrifice, the enforced drinking of blood, eating of faeces and cannibalism upon bodies of sacrificial victims, general sustained humiliation etc.. The list is as long as the imagination of the perpetrators of such atrocities allows it to be.

Many of the Satanic rituals are performed at the altars of out of the way and redundant churches for the purpose of generating terror and negativity within these sacred sites. The energy is then harnessed for personal power and the perpetuation of the Luciferic force upon the Earth (as well as to further traumatise their slaves for mind-control purposes such as Project Ultra Green/MK-Ultra Project Monarch/Freedom Train). In this way the Earth's energy matrix – the collective unconscious, which is continuous with the human psyche, is kept in a negatively imbalanced state – whilst the sickest members of the human race have an obscene outlet for their perverse fantasies..

The British intelligence agencies and the USA's CIA and NSA are well aware of such organised anathemata including the identities of those involved and the code names used for such operations, such as Ultra Green and Project Monarch. Patti herself has given her details to various agencies including England's Scotland Yard. However, this global underbelly is so deeply entrenched in the System that these people are left entirely untouched by the legal system. Many cult-busting and rescue organisations exist, most working in tandem with the police (who are rife with this problem), but are themselves kept a closely guarded secret, supposedly in order to minimise the problem of infiltration. This is yet another way of maintaining overall secrecy via compartmentalisation within the pyramidal structure in order to preserve the status quo.

Even today, at the age of thirty seven, Patti is regularly picked up off the streets to be drugged, raped, tortured or made to actually perform in Satanic ceremonies in the role of one of her personalities which is a priestess within the cult. All of which further traumatises her and enforces the compartmentalisation of her personalities. Her assailants also have an intimate knowledge of black magic and are able to summon her remotely to various locations under the control of her various personalities in order to abduct

One evening, Patti had paid Shona a visit whilst I was at work and spent the entire night flipping from one personality to another. These personalities ranged from the totally meek, 'Nothing', aged three, through variously aged 'Patricias' to the quite nasty and foul-mouthed 'Cathy'. In the early hours she became obsessed with leaving the house to take part in a ritual which she knew was taking place nearby and expressed an overwhelming desire to drink blood. This began at ten past three – the time which Satanists associate with Satan's greatest moment upon Earth – the time of the Crucifixion of Jesus. A little after five, when the ritual would have been completed, Patti began to normalise but revealed to Shona that she had taken a drugs overdose, though not enough to do any serious harm. This was entirely out of character for her as she has spent her life loving and protecting her three children from her 'Family' as she calls them. This did correspond, however, with threats which had been made to her merely a week earlier by five men who had abducted her during a visit to her home town of Darlington, that if she and we did not 'back off' then they would kill her via an injected overdose and make it look like suicide. They had explained to her that this could be prepared easily through a series of manipulated 'suicide attempts' which would give her the appearance of being in a suicidal state.

The extensive information which Patti has revealed of the names, dates and methods of the British paedophile/Satanic ring are now in the hands of many individuals throughout Britain. If any 'accident' should 'mysteriously' befall Patti or anyone involved in this book and its distribution, these names along with a mass of evidence (including prominent members of the aristocracy, active politicians, a former British Prime Minister, eye witnesses, the ring leaders
and 'lackeys' etc.) will be made public. Furthermore, I wish it to be known that both Shona and I are in perfect mental and physical health and are looking forward to being present throughout the transformation of the Earth and on into a glorious future.

The BSE Case

In 1986, in Britain, the first recorded case was recognised of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), a new disease which was affecting the nervous systems of cattle, causing Parkinsonian/ dementia-like symptoms. The official cause was identified by the Ministry for Agriculture Fisheries and Food (MAFF) as cross-contamination of a previously known sheep disease called Scrapie via cattle feeds which contained meat and bone meal from sheep. By 1996, the numbers of cows said to have been infected with BSE had risen to 27,800 despite the ban on meat feeds for cattle in 1989. The increasing incidence of a similar disease in humans called Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease (CJD), in which the brain becomes mushroom-like and full of holes causing sufferers to become gradually more confused until death, has been blamed upon the consumption of infected beef products. Therefore, a mass slaughter of British cattle was initiated in 1996 in order to resolve the problem. BSE has also infected many other animals such as domestic cats, birds of prey and zoo animals given infected meat.

Despite assurances that BSE was confined to very few cases, the number of cases of CJD has increased in England from 27 in 1985, to 42 in 1994, and 55 in 1995.

Significantly, there are three recognised types of CJD (the types 1 and 2 being similar to Alzheimer's Disease with confusion and memory loss as the main symptoms) whereas the cases of CJD since 1985 have been mainly of a new type-3 (which is indicated by additional loss of muscle co-ordination and

This is essentially the story which has been fed to the mass public via the media and has caused a panic among consumers who have begun to avoid British beef products. It even initiated what was described in the press as a 'trade war' with Europe spearheaded by the British Prime Minister John Major
in a typical 'white knight' fashion.

The truth of the situation is far more sinister and has implications for everyone, meat eaters and vegetarians alike. The discovery was made by organic farmer, Mark Purdy. That is, BSE and type-3 CJD is caused not by an entirely new form of infection (called a prion by the investigating scientists) but is
caused by poisoning by organo-phosphate fertilisers.

Several inconsistencies have been conveniently overlooked by the 'experts' investigating this case:

1.that no organic farmer (those not using chemicals such as pesticides) has had a case of BSE despite using the same meat/bone-meal feeds as everyone else, and

2.that despite virtually the whole of Europe using these same feeds, there have been very few cases of BSE on the continent. So it can hardly be the Scrapie-contaminated feed, can it?

During the Second World War, I.G. Farben (the Nazi chemical company responsible for Zyclon B which was allegedly used to gas the Jews in the Holocaust and who used the inmates of Auschwitz as slave labour and as guinea pigs for testing of chemicals) developed a fluorinated nerve gas known as Sarin which was also used by the Iraquis during the Gulf War. This is an organo-phosphate (OP) compound which is very similar to that used by farmers in low concentrations to spray crops and dip sheep to prevent tick infestation, but it is used in much higher concentrations to treat cattle against warble-fly infestation.

In the 1980s, the MAFF began a war against the warble fly and imposed a mode of treatment upon Britain's farmers. This was that twice a year a preparation of OP concentrate be poured over the backs of all cattle. The OP is fat-soluble and is therefore absorbed by cow through the skin for a systemic effect to occur. Subsequently, an imprecise amount of OP is absorbed and the area most exposed to the compound is the spinal column i.e. directly into the central nervous system. The OP kills the warble fly by attacking the nervous system. The reported cases of BSE have been in the areas of warble fly infestation.

It has been established that, in cases of BSE, the prion protein in the brain becomes corrupted and mutates causing the familiar spongy brain situation. It has also been established that OPs bind to prion protein causing brain cells to mutate in a chain reaction. – as has been established in the case of the OP, Thalamide, a constituent of Thalidomide, which caused massive birth deformities in the late 60s and early 70s. Human brains also contain prion proteins!

Cases of BSE have been significantly higher in Switzerland and Northern Ireland. These countries have one other thing in common with mainland Britain, that is: they also use OPs – predominantly the compound Phosmet – in a strength which is four times that of the rest of Europe.

For several years now, many British farmers using OPs have been developing a severely debilitating condition which is not officially recognised despite the many claims and obvious links to OPs. The symptoms which are displayed in this syndrome are: severe malaise and fatigue, chest pain, Parkinson-like tremors and other nervous disorders. However, organic farmers are not affected by this 'mysterious' syndrome.

Up to more than 25 times the allowed amounts of OPs have been found in conventionally grown carrots in England. The investigations by (MAFF) showed that, in 8% of carrots, the contents were higher than the international Maximum Residue Level (MRL) limit. OPs both attack the brain and weaken the immune system and are undoubtedly a major factor in the 20th Century disease process such as the increasing incidence of recurrent infections and the immuno-suppressive diseases such as AIDS.

The most significant lab tests using this theory have been performed, initiated by Purdey's, research by the Government's Medical Research Council in Britain but have shown to be inconclusive. However, the MRC have admitted that they have not been using actual prion proteins for these tests, but have been experimenting on synthetic prion proteins! Could this be because it was the British Government, through MAFF, in the 1980s who made OPs compulsory and therefore caused BSE? If the truth were accepted then there would be grounds for the recovery of huge sums of money in damages claims both from the government and from the petrochemical producers of the OPs themselves, such as Wellcome and ICI.

The Government has clearly been using the BSE crisis in Britain to achieve a political agenda. Meanwhile, the true cause of CJD is kept well hidden.

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