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 Americans Less Secure Against Terrorism -
Threat Grows Says Clinton's National Security Commission
September 22, 1999

 Americans Less Secure Against Terrorism - Threat Grows Says Clinton's National Security Commission (Sep. 22, 1999)  
      WASHINGTON (AFP) - The United States is increasingly vulnerable to attack from hostile groups using high-tech weapons and Americans could die "in large numbers" on home soil, according to a report released Tuesday.
      "For many years to come, Americans will become increasingly less secure," according to the 143-page report drafted by a high-powered commission sponsored by President Bill Clinton and the US Congress.
      "America will become increasingly vulnerable to hostile attack on our homeland, and our military superiority will not entirely protect us," said the report drafted by the Commission on National Security, made up of 25 eminent defense experts who have served under successive US  administrations.
      The report says that scientific progress has boosted the potential for terrorism, citing the potential horror of a cyber attack on the air traffic control systems on the US East Coast, "as some 200  commercial aircrafts are trying to land safely in a morning's rain and fog."
      Worse still, the report indicates, is the destructive power of  biological weapons in the wrong hands. "The most serious threat to our security may consist of unannounced attacks on American cities by sub-national groups using genetically engineered pathogens," it said.
      "In the hands of despots, the new science could become a tool of  genocide on an unprecedented scale." Former Senator Warren Rudman brushed aside suggestion it was alarmist.     "This report is hardly apocalyptic," he said. "I have all the facts."

       International terrorism expert Mary-Jane Deeb said the report was close to reality. "The report has not been released to spread panic but to prompt the US security agencies to be more prudent and vigilant, especially in border areas," said Deeb, a professor at American University here.
      The report asserts that weapons of mass destruction are being procured by states and terrorist groups and "Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers." Targets of such terrorism could include economic sites such as banks and multinational companies, the report states. "Threats to American security will be more diffuse, harder to anticipate and more difficult to neutralize than ever before," it said.
      Space is another frontier ripe for militarization, it said, and in the next few years space weaponry will threaten world security.
      The report follows similar studies released by the Pentagon in 1997 and Congress last assessing the post-Cold War threat of terrorism to the United States. According to Deeb, the latest report will add power to Pentagon arguments for more spending on defense against terrorism, following last year's bombings against US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
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