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The Expanding Earth

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
April 4, 2011

The Expanding Earth by ZS Livingstone (April 4, 2011)

The first place I read of the expansion of the girth of planets was "The Universal One" (1926) by Walter Russell.

Conspiracy of Science - Earth is in fact growing

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I went to sleep on the question of subduction zones and awoke seeing there is some "tucking and folding". Expansion is far greater than subduction. The Himalayas, Rockies, Andes. Japan, New Zealand and a lot of other high "new" mountains cannot be explained otherwise. The Rocky Mountain over-thrust (Banff) where a thousand mile long and twenty to thirty mile wide section of ancient seabed was pushed straight up, folded over and fell back to earth in the folded position is about seventy million years old. Terribly catastrophic! The violence leading up to the break up of the old crust must have been great.

The Hollow Earth, as well as all planets and stars being hollow, becomes a reality considering the evidence of seam busting on Venus, Mercury and Mars. There is seam busting seen on the larger moons of Jupiter and Saturn, but cannot be seen in the four gas giants. The growth in girth points towards a growth in hollowness.

The mass expansion is inexplicable to current science and the gravity/mass assumptions need BIG amendments. "G," the Gravitational Constant, may need to be thrown out entirely. The gravity of Earth is more in line with the gravity on the Starship Enterprise than a mass attraction [Isaac Newton's universal law of gravitation; e.g. mass attracts mass]. The actual mass of the Earth is a fraction of the current assumptions.

Walter Russell wrote gravity is created by the "radiance" of the star or planet. Electro-gravity works both in pulling things down and lifting UFO away from planets.

The way Russell wrote "The Universal One" made it appeared all things were electric. Russell appears to be the father of the Electric Universe [EU] Theory. He was warned to hide aspects of the visionary science he had been given in 1921 lest the Earth could be destroyed. He hid the "dovetailing of the densities".

I was taught all densities (dimensions) are made of the same electron, proton and neutron design. The atoms and molecules in the fourth density are made of larger electrons, protons and neutrons working at a higher frequency and faster speed of light. The attraction between a 4D electron and proton is magnetic. The way electrics and magnetics work together is exactly the way all dimensions dovetail together. By the 5th Dimension (D), the speed of light is so fast communication throughout the galaxy is nearly instantaneous. The attraction of a 5D proton and electron is undefined at the present time science. My teacher called it "Tri-Magnetic".

I was also taught 3D atoms can be expanded to become 4D by receiving specific frequencies of higher energies. This means "ascension" happens at all levels of matter and energy. Also matter can be created or precipitated from 4D to 3D.

This points towards a possible mechanism for the expansion of the size of the Earth. Set up a higher frequency lifting all the atoms of Earth into 4D, add a lot of 4D matter, and then precipitate the whole planet back to 3D expanded. There is vastly more 4D matter in the galaxy than 3D. There is a dark matter donut beyond the rim of the galaxy with more mass than the visible stars. The dark matter is 4D, but it is not dark. It is more luminous in 4D than the 3D stars are in our telescopes.

The expanding Earth and stars will cause a revolution on stellar theory. The theory of Black Holes will have to be discarded. The supposed Black Hole in the middle of the galaxy with the mass of hundreds of millions of stars is more likely a huge higher dimensional star of blazing luminosity. Likewise, theorized positions of Black Holes would be higher dimensional stars too. The explosion of a supernova creating a high gravity body in the centre could be a situation where a higher dimensional star overlays the position of a physical star.

The pinwheeling of new galaxies, Quasars, would be the precipitation of 4D matter into the physical.

There is a mystery of why there have been so few mass extinctions on Earth when there have been so many coronal mass ejections from our sun and novae in neighbouring stars? It is likely the Earth was not in the physical dimension when the kill shot passed through the space where the Earth was. Ascension of the planet has happened many times.

Life on Earth would not have felt the ascension. There would be huge differences in the night sky as the 4D stars would create different constellations. The sun would shine with a different light and rainbows would have additional colours. The moon would disappear if it did not ascend too, but would still be in orbit around a planet unseen in the physical. (I am hoping the Universal Planet Movers haul the moon out of the solar system.)

It is more than likely the unseen planet altering the orbits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is exactly where mathematicians calculated it would be. It would also have the gravity of ten Earths as calculated on paper two hundred years ago. Astronomers pinpointed the position against the stars and were looking at a ghost. It is likely magnetic fields have been detected where the planet now orbits. It is causing few disturbances to the inner solar system.

As you can see, thinking about the expanding Earth leads to many interesting paradigm shifts.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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