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 Gun Control In America
A planned Agenda of The Committee of 300
By Ken Adachi

Act I
The screenplay to outlaw the possession of firearms in the United States was written and put into motion long before any shots rang out at Columbine High School in Colorado. The Columbine shootings, along with the school shootings in Oregon in 1998, are just part of Act I; the latest installment in a PLANNED series of shooting massacre/atrocities in America that are designed to rile up the American public to a fevered pitch of hysteria and consequently create a mass DEMAND for the banning of all firearms in this country.

Act II will include far more horrendous atrocities and acts of brutality by 'crazed' lone gunmen mowing down scores of innocents in schools buildings, or churches, or playgrounds, or community picnics, or fast food establishments or wherever young people might gather in the ordinary activities of American life. The more innocent and 'protected' the environment where these atocities WILL take place, the "better"- at least from the planners point of view. The goal is to sufficiently SHOCK the American public into accepting the 'necessity' of total gun control. As the months roll on and these shooting atrocities spread across the news, Clinton (1, 2, 3, 4) and Reno will be holding press conferences and calling for 'sane and reasonable controls' in order to put an  "End to the Slaughter of Our Children". To help pull the net tighter, other government  agencies will get in the act, including the IRS who will push to tax and register all firearms.

 Act III will cluminate with the passage of  federal law which will outlaw the possission of all firearms.

A complete ban on ALL firearms in the United States??

Yes. And it's going to HAPPEN unless a large enough segment of the American public QUICKLY wake up to the deceit and treachery being perpetrated and take VIGOROUS action to abort it.

What's So Bad About Gun Control?
The connection  between gun control laws and the wholesale genocide of the affected populace was well illustrated in a November '99 article by Uri Dowbenko. The parallel in wording between  Nazi Germany's 1938 Weapons Law and the the 1968 US Gun Control Act is unnerving.
The big push to outlaw guns in America is part of a larger agenda to dismantle and destroy the United States of America from within. One part of that plan is  population control which  the executive committee of the New World Order, The Committee of 300, wants firmly in place before the year 2003.

Other control mechanisms that are in the pipeline include the replacement of cash with plastic smartcards and foolproof  ID/personal history  files  utilizing implantable microchips, retina scans, and DNA mapping. The smartcards and ID technologies are already being rapidly introduced in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada..

These and other  "emergency measures" will be quickly instituted to meet the demands of a manufactured and orchestrated 'crisis' or series of disastrous events (Y2K, domestic biological attack, big earthquakes, stock market crash, war, food shortages, etc.) The London-based Committee of 300 requires that their crowd control measures be in place before they can proceed with their plans for the breakup and dissolution of the United States which they plan to incorporate with Canada and Mexico into a new 10 sector New States of America region.

Banning guns in England, Australia, and New Zealand was, relatively speaking, a peice of cake for the Committee of 300. The technique used in those countries is virtually the same that is now being applied in the United States.  It's done with mind control technologies which have greatly advanced since the early years of Nazi and Japanese experiments during World War II. The CIA's MK Ultra mind control project was developed into fruition by former Nazis-such as Dr Josef Mengele of Auschwitz notority-imported into the United States under Operation Paper Clip. "MK", by the way, is the German abbreviation for mind control. 

The details of how people are brought under Total Mind Control is discussed on another page, but relative to the issue of  gun control, the scenario goes like this: A mind-controlled individual(s) is 'programmed' to slaughter a classroom,  nursery school, or playground filled with young children. The media covers the story to the hilt. Of course, the killers almost always conveniently commit suicide, so no one ever gets to question to them. Public emotions are pumped up with lots of video and close up photos of shocked and greiving survivors, bloodstained halls, and sobbing friends at the gravesite of the victims. Soon, the media is grinding out the anti-gun propaganda. The "polls" all agree that 'enough is enough' and voila, before you can say "Hey, isn't this what Hitler did in the 1930's?" the controlled politicians and their anti-gun lobbyists 'friends' arrange to quickly ram through the (already pre-drafted) legislation and in a flash, Total Gun Control is a fait d'acompli. Seems to work every time.

It worked in the UK after a mind-controlled individual killed 16 small children and their teacher in Dunblane, Scotland on March 13, 1996. About 10 months later, parliamentary laws were passed that said that possessing a gun in the UK meant 10 years in prison. Legislation was passed even faster in Australia when a gunman armed with an assault rifle killed 35 and wounded 19 in a massacre in Tasmania, Australia on March 28, 1996-just two weeks after the Dunblane shootings. (Coincidence that these two massacres occured in quick succession of each other? Hardly.)

Gun control won't go down so easily or quickly in the United States, though. The United States has a much larger population than England or Australia and a 225 year tradition of NOT turning in their guns to the government. It's called The Second Amendment to The United States Constitution. The drafters of the US Constitution realized the potential for totalitarian abuse by the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial branches of the Federal government and wanted to insure that the ULTIMATE POWER of the government would REMAIN in the hands of the PEOPLE  and NOT the POLITICIANS of the United States government. The "people" of the United States means just that- the people or the citizens of the country. It doesn't mean the National Guard, or the Armed Forces, or the local police, or Fedearal police forces such as the FBI, BATF, DEA, etc. It means the PEOPLE, the common civilians and citizens of this country. Many deceitful politicians and anti-gun organizations wish the American public to think otherwise.

 The RIGHT to Bear Arms was seen by the Founding Fathers as one of the NECESSARY SELF DEFENSE  mechanisms REQUIRED by citizens of a free confederated REPUBLIC, which is what the framers of the US Constitution created. The Founding Fathers of America did not create a Democracy, as the media and liberal politicians would have us believe. They actually created a Republic; an important distinction.

It's going to take a lot more slaughtered children  splashed across the evening news to overcome the reluctance of Americans to give up their constututional right to bear arms ...And more slaughtered children there will be... But just bear in mind who is REALLY  responsible for those deaths: The Committee of 300 and the traitorous individuals in our government who are working on their behalf.

The shooters at these massacres are merely PAWNS in a much larger game.

Become aware America. You are fast losing all of the Constitutional Rights and Guarantees that our forefathers shed their blood to gain. 

Ken Adachi


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To be continued... 

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